This is for all the mamas who are tired just thinking about packing school lunches and snacks every day for the next nine months.

Let’s face it… It was easier back in the 70s, when every kid brought either a PB&J or bologna sandwich to school. These days, there’s pressure to send in healthy, balanced lunches with plenty of variety throughout the week.

We’re providing lots of options below to help you do just that. But sister, we’re also here to do tell you to what is right for your family. If a good, old-fashioned bologna sandwich every day keeps life simple and your kids happy, send the bologna sandwich! 

There is no right or wrong.

We enlisted the help of moms from across our vast City Mom Collective network to assemble tips that will help make packing lunch and snacks easier and more fun this year. Read on…

Free Lunch Printable

Here is a free, printable lunch-box guide to help you get started. Just print out and start filling in for (or with) your little ones. Also, here are some cute, free printable lunch-box notes.

A Little Of This & A Little Of That {FREE Lunch Guide Printable}

School Lunch Packing Hacks

You know your child(ren) best—when it comes to food and everything else. Buy and pack what you know they like to eat.

Keeping it Simple:: Back-to-School Lunch Packing Hacks

Ideas for Busy Moms

Weekdays get busy. Here are some great thoughts for getting ahead of the game each week, as well as some terrific lunch ideas.

Packing School Lunches {Ideas for Busy Moms}

Making Healthy Choices

If you are trying to cut out some processed foods in favor of an overall healthier diet, do a little research and grab some fun accessories. Maybe the kiddos won’t even notice the lack of packaged foods they’ve come to love.

Back to School Lunches :: Making Healthy Choices

School Lunch Recipes

When preparing school lunches seems overwhelming, look for other mamas’ recipes. This post has a great collection.

Back to School Lunch Resolutions {with Recipes!}

Vegan School Lunches

Helpful hints for vegan families packing school lunches.

Vegan School Lunches {Quick and Easy Ideas for Your Kids}

Breaking Out of the School Lunch Rut

This mama says it’s all about letting kids help pack and putting a minute of effort into the presentation.

WOW Your Kids With These School Lunches!

Stress-Free Lunches + Snacks

Specific ideas for school lunches and snacks, including alternatives for gluten-free, nut-free and other allergies.

Stress-Free School Lunches

Terrific Tips for the First-Time Mom

If you are packing school lunches for the first time, read this. It will help you breathe and realize that it’s just lunch, afterall.

Tackling the School Lunch for the First-Time Mom

Fun Snacks for Kids

Some ideas for new and different snacks. Also, read this post for some great snacks that will help keep your kiddos full.

Remix Your Snack Game

A Primer on Food Allergies + School

Worried about sending your child with food allergies to school? You are not alone. This parent gives step-by-step instructions on what to do.

Back to School For (Food) Allergy Moms

Allergy-Friendly Snack Brands

Do you spent countless hours each month, scouring labels and the Internet to determine what snacks your child with a food allergy can eat? Here is a great starting list…

Allergy-Friendly Snack Brands for School

All About Food Allergies

This is a meta-post that pulls together lots of resources for families of children with food allergies.

Kids with Food Allergies: We Care About You

Bento Boxes

Bento boxes are all the rage. Some mamas spend hours packing them each day. Others use them as a simple tool to make eating easier for their kids.

Bento Boxes: Why the Hype?

It’s a start, right? What are your best tips? Drop them in the comments, so the rest of us can learn from your experience!

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