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Pssssttttt… You. Yes, you. The mama who just finished seven loads of laundry, shepherded her kids through schoolwork and maybe even accomplished some “for money” work today.

The one who has an unopened election ballot on her kitchen counter, like I do. It’s time for us to slice open that envelope, sister. It is the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. Let’s make it count!

Vote Like a Mother
Courtesy of Lubbock Moms

I realize we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Many of our kids are in the middle of virtual learning. Some of us have lost our jobs. Others are front-line workers, putting in 15-hour days. We are t-i-r-e-d.

Then, there’s the incessant noise of the election. The Trump camp. The Biden camp. The Third-party camps. And the “I don’t like any of them” camp.

Turn off that noise, friend. Sit down and think about what issues matter most to you in this world. Do a bit of your own research to determine who lines up best with those principles. Every woman comes from a different place and every woman has her own opinions.

“Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it,” said Susan B. Anthony, who helped paved the way for women to vote.

Go ahead. Listen to the news, your friends and your family. Then… set it all aside, listen to your heart and mind and vote. When you’re done, pop this beautiful “Vote Like a Mother” frame on your Facebook profile photo to remind your friends and family to do the same.

Need a little inspiration?

City Mom Collective is a network of roughly 80 amazing “sister sites,” spanning our beautiful country. Our writers have assembled a deep, wide collection of information for you — everything from how to register to what the issues are to talking politics with kids!

Dig in. Gather information. Be prepared.

Kids + Voting

Mom, Who are You Voting For? | Houston Moms BlogWho are You Voting For, Mom? by Houston Moms Blog

“Who are you voting for, Mom?” My son asked me this as we were driving through our neighborhood festooned with political yard signs. My oldest is a third grader and has been asking about politics for a while.

voting with childrenRaising Future Voters by Providence Mom

This year I’ve been thinking a lot about the women in my family: my Great-Grandmother Daisy, who in 1920 was married and had a baby under the age of one when she won the right to vote.

Raising Kids Who Are Excited to Vote by Co Springs Mom Collective

I want my son to be excited about his right to vote! And your kids! And all the kids in our whole country!

Kids and Politics: What To Tell Them | Twin Cities Mom CollectiveKids & Politics: What To Tell Them by Twin Cities Mom Collective

Short answer: the truth. Long answer: the truth. (Really, that is a long answer.)

IMG_9698Why I Take My Toddler to the Polls by Houston Moms Blog

When I was in elementary school, we took a tour of the poll center where we had the opportunity to “vote” in a mock election. That day, I proudly went home to tell me parents all I had learned about. “People died for the right to vote.”

5 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Your Kids to a Political RallyFive Things To Know Before Taking Your Kids to a Political Rally by Columbia Mom

I love politics. Political Science was my minor. I like to reflect on how my political views have drastically changed since I was in my early 20s. During the last election, I took my two oldest children to a presidential political rally.

Voting and Other Things We Teach Our Children by Houston Moms Blog

People picking teams. A Nation ripping at the seams. Oh, do not worry; THIS is not THAT kind of article.

Registration, Voting + Politics

Voting: Your Right and Duty by Military Mom Collective

All 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 35 of the 100 Senate seats and the office of President are up for voting.

voteLet’s Rock the Mom Vote by Charleston Moms

As parents, it is hard enough to balance kids and jobs and homes. Keeping up with elections usually takes a back seat.

politicsMusings from a Former Political Reporter: Choose Friends Over Politics by Co Springs Mom Collective

It is an election. It is ugly. But it soon will be over. We need to rediscover civility.

vote stickerWhy are You Not Voting? by Memphis Mom Collective

What bothers me is when someone complains about the outcome of the election but also admits they didn’t vote. What sense does that make?

vote button on woman wearing white sweatshirt, with curly hairVoting Advice for the Politically Uninterested by Pittsburgh Mom Collective

It would be easy for me to vote the same as my partner, Mark. He REALLY follows politics, not just listening to news channels, but also podcasts and print news outlets. He STUDIES it. Me? After juggling four kids all day, I’d rather zone out in front of Schitt’s Creek.

election ballot with maskThe Frustrations of a Military Spouse During Election Season by Military Mom Collective

As a military spouse who’s very interested in politics, my status as a permanent transient is frustrating. … I always feel phony voting in down-ballot and local elections.

Voting: A Family Tradition | Duluth Moms BlogVoting: A Family Tradition by Duluth Mom

My parents are engaged citizens and have always voted. I grew up in a small village and when the ballot box was dusted off for an election, voting was a community event.

5 Tips for Surviving Election Season by Oklahoma City Mom

As a mental health clinician, here are my points on how I am choosing to survive the election. Take what fits for you, do not challenge yourself, and leave the rest that does not fit.

VoteVoter Registration Information: What You Need To Know Before Hitting the Polls by Columbia Mom

Have you thought about how you are going to vote during a pandemic? NOW is the time to start thinking it.

Local Races + Ballot Issues

Election 2020: What You Need To Know in Johnson County by Iowa City Moms

Many things have changed since we went to the polls four years ago. New requirements due to voter ID laws, absentee ballot information, and more.

how to vote in fargo

Vote Like a Mother: How to Vote in Fargo and Moorhead by Fargo Mom

It’s almost election time, and we want to share some details surrounding when and how to vote in Fargo and Moorhead.

Election 2020, Vote, Bunting, Usa

Reminders for Omaha Voters: What You Need To Know Before You Vote in November by Omaha Mom

Hey Omaha, are you ready to take action?

Informed Voting is Responsible Voting by Kansas City Mom Collective

It’s never too late to turn up the dial on being a more enthusiastic and knowledgeable voter — I didn’t make the shift until I was 34 years old.


VOTE like a MOTHERVote Like a Mother by Coastal Bend Mom Collective

Wow… it’s been a doozy, amiright? There are so many things that are out of our control. One thing that IS in our control is our right and opportunity to vote.

Voting in the 2020 Election: What You Need to Know by Lansing Mom

This year, it’s important to be informed and prepared. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know. 


black and white b print leather walletWisconsin Voting 101: Absentee Ballots, Key Deadlines and Where to Turn for Help by Madison Mom

Like so much else in 2020, the coronavirus has mucked up voting. As the election looms, it’s understandable if voters are confused.

Lubbock Moms: 2020 Candidate Ballot by Lubbock Moms

This is the general 2020 candidate ballot. Be prepared to spend more time voting this year – there are more than the usual number of decisions to make.

Voting 101: What You Need to Know by Detroit Mom

Since Michigan is considered a swing state, it is likely that the 2020 election results will be close in our state once again.

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