What Type of Holiday Mom are You?


Ever wonder what type of holiday mom you are?

Do you love crafting or are you struggling to get into the holiday spirit? Answer a few simple questions and discover your Holiday Alter-Ego!

The Gatherer Mom

You are the mom who brings people together. Neighbors. Kids. Family. Everyone hopes to get an invitation to your cozy home for the holidays.

The Baker Mom

You are the mom who starts thinking about holiday cookies in September. The one who uses Grandma’s time-honored recipes and tests out a few of her own. You are the one everyone wants at the cookie exchange.

The Pinterest Mom

You are the creative mom – the one who everyone looks to for ideas and inspiration. You make everything look easy.

The Last Minute Mom

You are the mom who gets it done, but not a minute too soon. Adds to the excitement, right?

The Bah Humbug Mom

Is it holiday time, already? It’s really too much these days – too many decorations, too many obligations. I should have lived in the pioneer days. One gift and done.

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