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It’s what’s inside that counts…. Right?

We all know how the saying goes, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. While that’s a great rule to live by in general, when it comes to gift giving, I find myself focusing more on the presentation of the gift than the gift itself.

My love for gift wrapping comes from my mom. She’s the kind of person who will find an adorable box and pick a gift that will fit inside. She will hunt for the perfect embellishment to hang on the outside. Last year, she even ordered custom wrapping paper with everyone’s picture on it.

Growing up she would pile presents under the Christmas tree without names. Instead there would be an identifying characteristic that we were unaware of. Therefore, instead of trying to figure out what the gifts were, it became a game trying to figure out which presents belonged to whom. Sometimes each child would have the same wrapping paper. Sometimes there would be a number instead of a name and we would try to figure out the puzzles. If memory serves me correctly, one year she took the digits of our birthday and added them together (04-28-1986 = 38).  The point is, that gift giving (and receiving) is about so much more than what is inside. The time we spend picking out a gift and the way we present can be even more meaningful to the recipient.

I’m not suggesting you spend a small fortune and hours of your life on wrapping presents this holiday season. In fact, I am pretty cheap (and we are ALL busy) which is why I want to share some of my favorite easy gift wrapping solutions using simple kraft paper.

I love using kraft paper because it is inexpensive and it has a nice weight. Does anyone else go crazy cutting thin wrapping paper?! More importantly, if I’m left with extras I can use it throughout the year instead of being stuck with half empty rolls of themed paper. It’s incredibly versatile and can be ‘dressed up’ (glitzy glam) or ‘dressed down’ (shabby chic).

Tags & Embellishments


Try making your own tags using paper, a hole punch, and a pen. This can also be a great project to keep the kids busy! Win-Win!! Do you have boxes full of old Christmas cards? Use them to create gift tags and embellishments. Instead of a traditional tag, use an ornament. You can purchase clear ornaments at any craft store. Try filling them with small items (glitter, fake snow, or small toys such as Legos or Barbie shoes).  


I love to use ribbon and tree picks (found at most craft stores) as embellishments.  Here are some ways I used glittery tree picks I picked up ON SALE (note – don’t forget your coupons, but these beauties are almost always on sale anyways).  Isn’t that deer adorable? It came on a pick and I simply pulled it off then used some tacky glue to stick it to the package.

Books & Paper

{for the book lover}

Create a library card inspired gift tag. Then fold the paper back on itself before wrapping the book to create a pocket for the card.  


Create a trend-setting gift using quotes from your favorite holiday movies. If you have good penmanship or love to doodle – grab your sharpie! If you have an electronic cutter (Cricut/Silhouette) you can easily achieve this look with adhesive vinyl.  

When it’s too cold to play outside and your kids are getting restless, roll out a big sheet of paper and let them go wild coloring on it. Then, use it to wrap some of those sentimental gifts for the grandparents!

As we all get swept up in the chaos of the holidays, take a moment to breathe and remind yourself that when it comes to gifts, it is NOT “what’s on the inside that counts”. It is, however, about taking time to show your friends and family how much they mean to you.

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