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City Mom Collective Connects Entrepreneurial Mothers

WCCO CBS Minnesota | Feb. 17, 2022

A Plymouth mom is helping women across the country live out their entrepreneurial dreams.

Website creates entrepreneurial opportunity for moms in Sacramento area

KTXL FOX 40 | May 3, 2022

Many feel isolated and stressed and are looking for a supportive community that understands what they’re going through.

In Sacramento, there’s an opportunity for local entrepreneurial-minded mothers to create a community where they would get advice and get connected to local resources and events.

Woman helps working moms grow their careers while taking care of their families

WCNC | March 25, 2022

During the first month of the pandemic, some 3.5 million mothers living with school-age children left active work.

“It is so sad to see how many moms are leaving the workforce because juggling their family life during a sustained pandemic alongside their career was just not sustainable for them,” Stephanie Flies, the founder of City Mom Collective, said.

Plymouth Entrepreneur Connects
Moms Through City Mom Collective

CCX Media | Feb. 16, 2022

Stephanie Flies runs the City Mom Collective, a network of websites where local moms share articles and the best of their local communities. Want to learn about the best sledding hills? They’ve got it. Checking out staycation ideas? There’s an article on that. Need to find info for summer camps? It’s one of their most popular pages.

Just for moms: Plymouth woman shares how she launched a national brand by blogging as a new mom

Sun Sailor | Feb. 12, 2022

A Plymouth mom of two has made it her mission to empower other moms with opportunities to start their own business, while providing local content and resources for other moms across the Twin Cities and beyond.

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City Mom Collective is passionate about empowering women in every step of their motherhood journey. Through exclusive news stories, we are able to reach moms across the U.S. and further our mission of connecting moms to resources and parenting perspectives unique to their communities, supporting women in the growth of their businesses and creating meaningful partnerships between brands and hyperlocal audiences.

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