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City Mom Collective is an incredible business opportunity for moms in any phase of motherhood, looking to take control of their work and family lives while leading their local mom-community.

Wichita Site Owner

Angela Green

Starting a sister site was one of the best decisions I've ever made - for my family and for my longtime desire to have a flexible entrepreneurial role while make a lasting impact on my community. I truly had no idea what to expect when I first committed to this venture, and now I can't imagine doing anything else. I am able to utilize and sharpen my professional strengths and skills, while still being able to focus on my number one priority - my family. Though some days are a whirlwind of meetings, sales proposals, and event management, I'm able to do those things while on the run to a doctor's appointment or a toddler in tow.

Miami Site Owner

Cierra Bragan

My time as a City Mom Collective Site Owner has been an exciting journey of both personal and professional development. The friendships I have made and the skills I have learned have strengthened me as a business owner and as a Mom. Starting a business (with a newborn and a toddler) has had its challenges but the joy I have experienced in knowing that we are influencing local Moms has made it all worth it!

East Texas Site Owner

Beth Bills

Being a part of the City Mom Collective has truly been a blessing in business, motherhood and beyond. I feel like the network is a beautiful blend of encouragement, inspiration and challenge! This group of strong women with passion makes me a better woman in my community, wife, mother, friend and business owner! The only regret I have is not hopping on this journey sooner.

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