When you sit down and try to manage your finances, you have to be doing it for a reason. So there is a purpose, there is a reason behind wanting to get better with your finances. Join Stephanie as she...
When you evaluate, holistically your life and all the different areas that are vying for our attention that you're trying to prioritize well - really look at the gaps. Where are the areas where I really need someone who could pour into me...
One of the number one actions you can take, is to get your child in swim lessons. Join Stephanie and Michelle as they interview Lisa Zarda, the executive director for the United States Swim School Association. In this episode...
I love my Mama because she puts on music, and sings and dances every morning to wake us up, and she is marvelous! - Drake, Age 6 Mother's Day is right around the corner, and to celebrate we did something special for...
I think that in this season of life, in motherhood, we can feel like, it is so hard to make friendships. Join Stephanie and Michelle for a chat with guest, Tiffany Bluhmwhere she shares her advice on building a healthy...
Join Steph as she shares her tips and tricks to meal planning!
Steph and Michelle are going to talk history, and how to celebrate with, and educate our kids around women's history month.
In this week's episode of 'Just a Sprinkle with Steph' the topic is one close to the heart of Steph - raising daughters.
Join Stephanie and Michelle as they interview Lisa Druxman, founder of Fit4Mom.
In this episode, Steph is diving in and discussing the importance of self care and self awareness.

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