Announcing Latina Mom Collective


We are so thrilled to announce the launch of Latina Mom Collective!

Latina Mom Collective strives to be the premier parenting resource for Latina moms and their families journeys while bringing conscientious brands closer to their homes.

Latina moms can look forward to hearing stories that sound like theirs while being empowered to make their motherhood journey unique in their own ways.

They can expect only the most carefully thought-of brand recommendations and strategically built guides to help them along their motherhood journey.

Owner, Ash Ariñez, is committed to growing this community and serving Latina moms in all walks of life.


Ash Ariñez

Latina Mom Collective was born out of a need to build a community for the next generation of Latina Moms, the newly crowned Señoras. It now exists to serve the mothers who have been undervalued, marginalized, and misrepresented throughout our society. It is a safe space for Latinas to share our motherhood journeys while connecting through our language, culture and values.”

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Lauren Stockard
Lauren is the Business Manager for City Mom Collective. Initially joining CMC’s National Sales team in 2020 and working in varying roles for the local sites including Fort Worth Moms, Dallas Moms, and Collin County Moms Lauren’s involvement in wearing various hats equips her to bring experience and skill to this role by providing high-level operational support to CMC. Lauren is a gardener, amateur chicken rancher, and true crime junkie who has mastered the art of reheating her morning coffee and evading the endless requests for snacks. Lauren currently resides in Texas with her husband and three young children.