4 Easy Activity Ideas for Kids When Traveling


Raise of hands if you’ve struggled with coming up with activity ideas when traveling with kids? Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, packing some activities for kids is usually on the list of things to do when preparing for a trip as a parent or caregiver. If we’re honest, sometimes remembering to pack activities can fall by the wayside as we work to remember #allthethings that come with planning, packing, and preparing for a trip not only for ourselves but oftentimes for others too (hello, kids!).

Below are four easy and entertaining activities for kids when traveling. (We hope this list helps relieve even the smallest bit of the mental load as you prepare for your travels!)

Pack tools for a travel journal.

Your kids can get creative and make it a scrapbook with drawings, stickers, and mementos. You provide the journal and tools (markers, crayons, stickers, oh my!) and let your little artist work.

Play simple, but fun games.

Print out games and scavenger hunts that can be done both independently and as a family to keep kids busy during those travel waiting periods.

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Keep and update a travel passport.

Track all the places you’ve been with stamps, stickers, and drawings. This can pair well with a travel journal.

Don’t forget about books!

Whether it’s coloring books, picture books, reading books, or audiobooks, there is always a world of imagination and entertainment to be had for kiddos in books.

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