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The Unique Struggles Of A Part-Time Working Mom

As many working moms know, the guilt is always there, sometimes quiet, sometimes gnawing at your heart, but always hovering in the background.

Please Do Applaud My Husband for Being a Dad

Dad doesn’t have to be Dad. When you see a man doing the duties of a parent, he is doing something that’s not always expected. The dad who “just shows up;” the dad who participates? He does deserve a trophy.

A New Twist On Birthday Gifts

My daughter LOVES toys. And clothes. And sparkly things. And Target – you name it, she probably wants it. The problem is that she is only four years old. Part of it is probably my fault and part of it comes from modern-day consumerism being at an all time high – that and Disney Junior commercials!

10 Tonsillectomy Tips and Tidbits

Only a few short months ago, my brave five-year-old daughter endured a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Thanks to tonsils that touched, snoring, apnea, and an overheating issue, the time arrived for her to have those “friends” removed from operation.