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Navigating The Loss of a Spouse:: Just Add Sprinkles | The...

In this episode of The Stories, guest Amy Perrill opens up about the loss of her husband and how she has navigated becoming a widow at an early age.

Collectively Curated: Love and Marriage

Love is in the air. It is officially the most romantic month of the year, and many of us are reflecting upon our own...

Love + Marriage :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 32

Join Stephanie and Michelle as they talk about love, relationships and marriage!

Giving to Get: Changing the Status Quo in My Marriage

It may not work. We may be past the point of rescue. But, I’m crawling out of my trench.

A Love Letter to My Marriage

"Declaring my marriage comes first without guilt or reservation, above even my children, shouldn’t require courage but somehow it does."

Two Phrases to Change the Culture of Your Home and Your...

"I've realized that the state of my marriage often sets the tone of our home. Our unity encourages kindness. And, at it’s very best, our partnership illustrates the values of honor, loyalty, and respect."

Still Standing: 10 Healthy Habits for a Happy Marriage

We’re not perfect, but we’re perfectly paired. Ten years feels like a lifetime, and yet at the same time it doesn’t. We’re still young in marriage but feeling a bit older, and hopefully a bit wiser. And as I continue to reflect on the road we’ve traveled thus far, one thing is clear: I got the better end of the deal.