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In Defense of the Mommy Brain

"Mommy Brain has made me turn into someone I don’t recognize. Mommy Brain has made me wear a shirt backwards without realizing it. No, it doesn’t JUST happen in the movies. This is real life."

The Unique Struggles Of A Part-Time Working Mom

As many working moms know, the guilt is always there, sometimes quiet, sometimes gnawing at your heart, but always hovering in the background.

#WeAreCMBN | Meet Our Sisterhood

Have you ever wondered who our Sister Site Owners are or what being part of our Sisterhood means? Join us for #WeAreCMBN and discover that our...

Tell Your Story With Her View From Home

Hi guys!  My name is Leslie Means.  I’m the co-founder and owner of Her View From Home.  I’m also a wife, mama to two...

Start A Local Moms Blog in 2015!

Are you looking for a life-changing way to accomplish your financial goals, make a difference in your mommy-community, and become part of a Sisterhood? Then...