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Show-Up Parenting: You Get Credit for 10 Minutes

It’s party day in your child’s classroom and you just-don’t-have-two-hours for that. You have laundry, dishes and maybe even a paid job. Pssssttttt…. What...

Work-Life Balance Is A Joke :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode...

Join Stephanie and Samantha Ettus, a renowned work/life balance expert, speaker and author of The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe For Success and Satisfaction, as they discuss the concept of "work/life" balance.

Giving Up the Perfect Balance of Work and Mom

I thought it'd be perfect. Two days of stay at home mom life, three days in the office. I got the best of both worlds - quality time with my boys and an escape to adult world with real conversations and hot coffee. My resume didn't have gaps, and I was still developing skills in my field.

10 Signs You Might Be a Work-Anywhere-Possible-Mom (WAPM)

Are you not quite a Stay-At-Home Mom, not fully a Work-Outside-The-Home Mom, and yet also not technically a Work-At-Home Mom (mostly because you’re not home enough to get any of the work done)? If you’ve struggled to define your career status with one of the typical labels, you might be a Work-Anywhere-Possible Mom (WAPM).