Frequently Asked Questions About Just Add Sprinkles

What is Just Add Sprinkles?

Just Add Sprinkles: Celebrating Motherhood is a podcast from City Moms Blog Network focused on all things motherhood and parenting! Join Stephanie Flies, City Moms Blog Network Founder and Director, as she encourages you to celebrate the little things in your day and in your role as a mom. Our podcast, Just Add Sprinkles, will bring a smile to your face, a skip to your step and a sprinkle (or two) to your mundane.

Listen to our quick show preview and hear for yourself!

How can I listen to Just Add Sprinkles on my phone?

Want to be able to take Just Add Sprinkles and your other favorite podcasts on-the-go? With these easy steps, we will walk you through the process for both iPhones and Android devices.

Step 1 :: Download A Podcast App To Your Phone

iPhone users can use the Podcasts app normally already installed on your device. If you don’t have it, then you can download it for free from the app store Android or iPhone users can use the Stitcher app, which is also free to download.

Step 2 :: Search For Just Add Sprinkles

Once you get the app downloaded and ready, open up the app and simply type in Just Add Sprinkles into the search bar.

Step 3 :: Subscribe To Just Add Sprinkles

Once you find Just Add Sprinkles in your podcast app, be sure to SUBSCRIBE in order to receive notifications and even automatic downloads of new episodes!

You will see a SUBSCRIBE option on the main screen for our show – see below for what to look for. You may even want to adjust your settings to download the episodes to your phone in order to listen when no wifi is available.

Step 4 :: Grab Your Coffee (or Wine) and Listen!

Now that you’ve subscribed, new episodes will automatically appear for Just Add Sprinkles! Listen in the car, on the treadmill or even while cleaning. Get ready to celebrate motherhood with us!

How can I leave a review and show my support?

We would be honored if you’d consider leaving a review for Just Add Sprinkles and help us spread the word about our show! To leave a review, simply follow these directions! 

We also appreciate when you share our episodes either via Facebook, Instagram, or Email.

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