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Open up your browser app, scan our show notes, and get ready to add to cart! 

In this episode, we’re sharing what we’ve been influenced to buy and try! Steph and Michelle are sharing some of their favorite items and products, along with recommendations from a few friends. Many of us have made purchases based on the suggestions of friends and family, and we can all probably think of an item we’ve added to our cart after seeing it on social media.

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The Everyday Explorer Tumbler hauls a whopping 40 ounces of whatever you choose to fill it with. Steaming hot coffee in the morning. Ice-cold water that stays arctic all day long. It’s double-walled to keep beverages at steady temps.  Unlike other big cups, this behemoth fits in any standard cup holder. It has a sturdy handle, so the cup doesn’t slip out of hand when you pick it up. And the wide mouth has a flip-closing lid that makes it virtually spill proof.

Episode 86 :: Show Notes


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Miami Mom Collective Owner, Cierra Bragan

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Miami Mom Collective is Miami’s Premier Parenting Resource and Community. We exist to encourage, equip, and empower local moms with relevant resources and a meaningful community.

As a full-fledged marketing and media company, our team of 50+ women work together to produce quality resources, high-end events and meaningful experiences for our partner brands who are looking to reach our target market: Miami Moms.

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