Introduce Quality Education Early On With Préscolaire Early Learning Academy


If you happen to live in the area of Mason, Ohio– be prepared to learn all about the newest Early Learning Facility! Préscolaire Early Learning Academy is an amazing new concept in early childhood learning that recently opened its doors for enrollment. 


Préscolaire is an early learning academy that introduces digital literacy and robotics, chooses non-processed, organic meals, and encourages an early love of fitness. Their method may be a little different than your average school, and their reasoning for it is backed by scientific data to help little learners achieve their optimal potential.


Who can enroll?


Préscolaire Early Learning Academy has Infant up to Pre-Kindergarten programs. The admissions process follows the highest standards where commitment of parents and family are evaluated to ensure that each child will be fully supported in their education. Private tours are offered over group tours to guarantee the chance for each family to connect individually with the schools’ Executive Director. 


Because of this rigorous selection process, openings can be limited and competitive. Re-submittal of applications is encouraged, though, and pre-approvals are offered occasionally.


What makes Préscolaire Early Learning Academy different?

Directly from their website, “Préscolaire Early Learning Academy is a pioneer in the advancement of implementation of developmentally appropriate implementation of robotics, coding, programming, and digital literacy in early childhood education.” Préscolaire believes in early adoption of technology for young learners- which is backed by research provided from Berkeley, MIT, and additional sources.


Their schoolwork is specifically designed to engage learners with a STEAM learning concept, but they value kindness and character development along with the academic coursework. Your young student would be introduced to community service and outreach through Préscolaire, where their unique mission is to mold confident learners and successful leaders. Beyond the daily activities, Préscolaire fosters an understanding of healthy eating along with the value of fitness.


Will one be in my area?


While Préscolaire is currently open in Mason, Ohio, there will be future locations to explore. If you aren’t in the first location’s geographical limits, keep your eyes peeled for three more campuses that will be opening near the Houston area. Be sure to subscribe to their social media channels on Facebook and Instagram to see if one opens near you!