Mom Must-Reads :: Week of September 11


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If Your House Flooded, Here’s What You Need To Do…

If you’ve recently entered the Flooded House Club due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey {we will call him that to be official, even though we have some four letter words we are calling him off the record}, our hearts are broken in a million pieces for you.

My Katrina Days

We climbed out on to the roof that night, as darkness fell. It got quiet. Scary quiet. So quiet you could still hear neighbors from blocks over pleading for help. It was too dark to do anything else.

Why We Are Raising Our Kids Without Religion

My MAIN reason is the fact that I want my children to be kind & loving humans not because a GOD says so, but because that is who THEY choose to be.

I’m Never Taking My Kids to Disney

“When are you taking the kids to Disney?!,” moms will ask each other online in mommy groups, while waiting in the hallways to pick up, or any time an extended break period is on the horizon at school. There are people who make careers out of Disney vacation planning and Facebook groups dedicated to insider tips and tricks. Let me say this before I go much further: I’M NOT JUDGING DISNEY ENTHUSIASTS. Y’ALL DO YOU!

Hurricane Harvey :: What Dallas Families Can Do

As many of us watch the events unfold, our children are also seeing the devastation going on just a few hundred miles from home. Here’s our opportunity as parents to teach them how to show compassion for others and make a difference. It doesn’t take much, but here’s a few simple ways kids can get involved:

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