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Sister Site :: Pensacola Mom Collective | Time in Network :: 2 months | Owners :: Jane Lauter and Jen Kinsella

Pensacola Mom Collective In The Community

Parenting in 2020 is no small feat making the need for moms to support one another in their communities greater than ever! Our newest Sister Site, Pensacola Mom Collective, took 2020 by the horns to provide a local parenting resource for moms in Northwest Florida.  Pensacola Moms Collective co-owners & founders, Jane Lauter and Jen Kinsella bring a fierce passion for connecting and providing a place for mothers to feel comfort and connection when we have so desperately needed it most! 

Not only did Pensacola Mom Collective launch their website during a Global Pandemic but they have established a fantastic contributor group of 24 local moms representing single moms, stepmoms, foster moms, stay-at-home moms, working moms, work-from-home moms, military moms, moms of multiples, moms of children with cancer, diabetes, autism, and ADHD.

Co-Owner and Co-Founder Jane Lauter shared, “Because of COVID-19, we have not been able to get our entire team together in person, but we have been able to connect via Zoom, group text, and in our Contributor Facebook group. You would think this team had known each other for years the way we laugh together and lean on one another. This was never more apparent than during Hurricane Sally which hit Pensacola on September 16th. Our team was in constant contact with one another throughout the storm and in the days following, offering assistance, sharing information (like where to find gas and ice!), and community resources. One of our team members has been completely displaced from her home which suffered flooding and significant damage. So many of our team members have reached out to support her by helping her move, providing meals, and just being a shoulder to lean on.”
Founders & Co-Owners, Jane Lauter and Jen Kinsella, along with their families.
Through their dedication to connecting their community, the Pensacola Mom Collective team has already seen growing success with the following initiatives providing additional resources to area parents:
Partnership with Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart
Pensacola Mom Collective launched an exclusive year-long partnership with Studer Family Children’s Hospital. Studer is the premier children’s hospital in Pensacola and the surrounding region, serving almost 300 miles along the Gulf Coast and parts of lower Alabama. They have featured the Pediatrician-in-Chief to discuss COVID-19 and children’s health as well as the hospital’s new midwife program and birthing suites. Next month, they will feature their pediatric ophthalmologist. The hospital has top-notch specialists and they are proud to highlight their expertise for area families. They are an incredible resource in Pensacola community!
VIP Card
Also recently launched is the Pensacola Mom Collective VIP Card featuring almost 40 local businesses. They sold a limited number of cards (100) and have received great feedback from both the business community and those who purchased the card. It has been great way to support local businesses who have been struggling during COVID.

A Word With The Sister Site Owners

“We were unsure how we would pull together a writing team in the middle of pandemic when we were all balancing virtual school and having our children home for 5 months straight (the longest Spring Break ever!). What we found though, is that so many local moms were looking online and to social media for resources and connections during a time when meeting face-to-face just couldn’t happen. We had an overwhelming number of applications and are just thrilled with the talented and passionate women on our team!”


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