Sister Site Spotlight: NOLA/Red Stick/Lafayette


Meet Ashley, Our NOLA/Red Stick/Lafayette Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: Three – 7, 5 and 4

Day In 5 Words :: Coffee. Exercise. Carpool. Work. Wine.

Major Life Influence ::  Too many to even try to get this right!

Go-To Mom Hack :: Turn on the dishwasher and the washing machine EVERY time you leave the house in the morning. You will NEVER get behind.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: A warm bath, wine and People magazine.

Favorite Vacation Spot :: Hands down Belize has been the most memorable trip we’ve taken. With kids in tow, too!

The most rewarding thing about being part of City Moms Blog Network…

Ultimately, the real joy of being a site owner is that there are lots of tiny wins. Site owners pour hundreds of unseen hours into these sites, and much of it is not apparent to readers or even contributors. Most of us work from home, and many of us are doing the “hidden” work of making the site work. So when a mom approaches you at a playdate to say thank you for putting it on, or when a mom-owned business shares that they exceeded their sales goal because of a campaign, or when a reader messages your site to say that your resource saved their postpartum experience … THAT is what makes you keep going.

Meet Elizabeth, Our NOLA/Red Stick/Lafayette Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: 1 daughter, age 7

Day In 5 Words :: Coffee, multi-tasking, email, homework, wine

Major Life Influence ::  My mom

Go-To Mom Hack :: Prepping for the week ahead on Sunday evenings – we look at the calendar for the upcoming week to make sure everyone is on the same page, lunches prepped, clothes laid out for school, all makes the week flow smoothly

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: I live for Friday nights with a glass of wine and a new Dateline episode.

Favorite Vacation Spot :: We love going to the beach every year.

The most rewarding thing about being part of City Moms Blog Network…

Making personal connections not only with so many local businesses and moms in our own communities, but also around the country with other sister site owners, team members and readers.

What Every Mom Should Know About Southeast Louisiana


We serve all of Southeast Louisiana through our 3 sites and here’s the deal:  You will NOT find a friendlier or more relaxed way of living in the United States.


People in South Louisiana are genuine, friendly, hospitable and know how to party. And by the way, we have the best food, too.


If you want to have a good time, become friends with a Louisiana mom.


There’s a reason our state came back as strongly as it did after Hurricane Katrina. It’s the resiliency and loyalty and devotion of its people that makes South Louisiana one of a kind.


None of us are leaving, so you may as well come visit for Mardi Gras and learn how to properly peel a crawfish. We only mail king cakes to those who do.

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