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Sister Site :: Scottsdale Moms  Years In Network :: 12  Co-Owners :: Angela Barako, Kate Eschbach and Kara Hyvarinen

About Scottsdale Moms

Scottsdale Moms is a parenting resource designed to connect and engage moms in Scottsdale and surrounding areas

Top 5 Things to Know About Scottsdale

1) We have so many amazing hikes of all different levels of difficulty.

2) There are always new restaurants, new stores and new places to discover.

3) We have the most fun festivals, golf tournaments and other seasonal events that make our city a great tourist destination.

4) Within a few hours of the city you can visit the Grand Canyon, ski, camp, go boating and so much more.

5) The best way to beat the heat is stay hydrated and plan your day around the cool of the morning or after the sun sets.

Scottsdale Moms in The Community

Our most popular events are the Mom’s Night Events. We have loved hosting our readers and various restaurants and resorts. Everyone loves the events, the swag and the giveaways. They are always stressful but in the end everyone has a great time. It has been two years since our last Mom’s Night Out, we hope to have another one soon!

What do you love most about being a Sister Site Owner?

My favorite thing about being a local Site Owner is that everyday we learn something new about our community and we get to connect with local businesses and Scottsdale Moms readers in so many different ways.

-Angela Barako

Being an owner allows me to encourage other moms on their journey. Mothers need to know they are not alone. They need to know that their feelings of being overwhelmed are valid. Being an owner allows me to wrap my words around them and encourage them to find purpose in the beautiful memory makers and selfless givers that they are! 

-Kate Eschbach


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