South Louisiana Families Getting Much-Needed Parenting Resource


Lafayette Moms Blog is the first such resource in the greater Lafayette area

October 2, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. City Moms Blog Network is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest site, Lafayette Moms Blog in Louisiana. This is the 76th site to join this national network of parenting resources websites, and the third within the Pelican State. Lafayette Moms Blog goes live on October 2, 2017, under the leadership of Ashley Angelico and Elizabeth Schmelling.

Louisiana families in New Orleans and Baton Rouge have long enjoyed the information and connection provided by New Orleans Moms Blog and Red Stick Moms Blog, also owned by Angelico and Schmelling. However, time and time again, these moms heard from families further south in Lafayette, that they needed this resource too.

Ashley Angelico

“South Louisiana is an intimate and tight knit region,” said Ashley Angelico, co-founder of Lafayette Moms Blog.  “As we researched the area, we discovered an enthusiastic community that exudes Southern hospitality and was begging for a resource like this.”

“We believe that it is our responsibility, in a way, to ensure that Louisiana remains an attractive place to raise families,” added Elizabeth Schmelling, co-founder of Lafayette Moms Blog. “One way to do that is by ensuring that moms have access to information and a support network that will make parenting easier and more fulfilling.”

Elizabeth Schmelling

Angelico and Schmelling are two of hundreds of moms who own their own businesses within the City Moms Blog Network, which features thousands of moms as contributors and millions more as readers each month. At each site, a local mom sits at the helm and recruits more local moms to contribute content and offer expertise in all topics associated with motherhood. All City Moms Blog Network site owners are connected to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs running sites across the country.

Stephanie Flies

“Ashley and Elizabeth are incredible women with a clear vision for the families of Louisiana,” said Stephanie Flies, City Moms Blog Network founder and director. “We hope that all of South Louisiana now feels connected and supported through the journey of parenthood.”

City Moms Blog Network began with Scottsdale Moms Blog in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2010, where the unique community blogging approach caught on quickly and moms across the country asked to replicate the model in their communities. The 76 sites in the City Moms Blog Network sisterhood represent hundreds of moms as owners, thousands as contributors and millions as readers.


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City Moms Blog Network connects moms to information and parenting perspectives unique to their communities; provides a positive voice for motherhood internationally; supports women in the growth of their businesses; and helps brands reach their audience.


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