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Top Spring Fashion Finds for Moms!

Our team has rounded up our favorite fashion trends for Spring! All of these fashions are great staple products for your closet, easy to...

Dressing The Post-Baby Mom Bod :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode...

Looking put together after a baby (or at any point in time with kids) can be a challenge to say the least! Jen shares some simple ways to style any body type leaving you not only feeling good, but looking good!

Maternity Style Made Easy: Dress Your Bump

Jeans, tees, layers, dresses, and comfy shoes make for a stylish maternity wardrobe! Learn some fabulous tips for dressing your bump from The Body Type Stylist, Jenn Loyd.

The Best One-Piece Swimsuits of 2017 for Moms

"If you are anything like me, the thought of dragging a four year old with you into a 4x4 space to try on 87 swim suits only to walk out feeling defeated in life doesn’t sound particularly appealing. But have no fear! I bring you the Best One Piece Swim Suits of 2017 that will have you feeling both sexy and pool ready in no time!"

Making the Spring 2017 Trends Your Own

Regardless of what you think, you DO have style! I consider your style to be part of your personal brand – it tells others a lot about who you are and what you are about (even your mood that day).

{Apricot Lane} Wichita Mom Boss

Become your own mom boss with Apricot Lane franchise. Read one mom's story from Wichita, Kansas.

Fall Fashion Finds + The Dream Job. {Apricot Lane Louisville}

Fall fashion finds from Apricot Lane, plus learn more about landing your dream job as a franchisee owner!

Clothing Hacks for the Whole Family

Do you feel like you're constantly buying clothes for your family, but rarely yourself? I was never a total fashionista before I became a mom, but I used to care about what I wore. So here are some clothing hacks for both mom and kids to help maximize what little time and money we do still have to devote to our wardrobes.

Mom. Daughter. Bosses. {Apricot Lane Omaha}

We are proud to partner with our friends at Apricot Lane, the leading fashion boutique retail franchise. Not only does Apricot Lane provide the latest fashion trends for women at affordable prices, but with 23 years of franchise experience they are committed to supporting and helping each franchisee reach success! Today we share with you a mother and daughter duo that have turned their passion of shopping and fashion into a family run business by opening their Apricot Lane store in Omaha, Nebraska. Now the can share their passion with others!

Fashion Engaged {Sponsored Post From Apricot Lane}

City Moms Blog Network shares one mom's story and success with Apricot Lane Boutique.