Dressing The Post-Baby Mom Bod :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 8


Girlfriend, you need to let it go! Because not only has your body changed and involved, so has style! Just because you are holding on to these clothes doesn’t mean they are going to be in style, so when you do fit back into them, are you going to be able to walk out the door confidently in them, because style has changed as well!

Join Stephanie and Jen Loyd, personal stylist and owner of The Body Type Stylist, as they discuss styling the post baby body and share tips for looking good amongst the spit up, sticky fingers and day-to-day messes!

Looking put together after a baby (or at any point in time with kids) can be a challenge to say the least! Jen shares some simple ways to style any body type leaving you not only feeling good, but looking good!

Episode 8 :: Show Notes

Mom Must-Haves ::

Let’s face it (literally): as moms, your beauty routine takes a hit when the littles are running around. Luckily, we’ve got a few tried and true (AND affordable!) cosmetic and beauty products no mom should live without! Check out our February issue of Mom Must-Haves, filled with our favorite cosmetic and beauty products (all under $50!).

Episode 8 :: Guest

Jen Loyd, The Body Type Stylist

Hi! I’m Jenn Loyd and I’m a Personal Stylist who specializes in body type styling. I love helping women discover their body type and showing them the pieces that will work best with their figure.

I’ve always been passionate about fashion & style. Empowering women to look and feel their best is a deep passion of mine. Women of all ages have come to me for years to help them create a unique signature style that works specifically for their body type and lifestyle. I’ve worked with women from all walks of life: women from the corporate world, entrepreneurs & stay at home moms.

Get style inspiration by following @jennloydlifestyle on IG!  And make sure to check out more information from Jenn on JennLoyd.com


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