Temp-N-Toss: Monitor Your Child’s Fever for up to 48 Hours Straight


Fevers are scary for kids. And although we’d never admit it to our little ones, fevers can be even more frightening for mamas. 

That’s because we are supposed to be the experts on “fixing” our kiddos’ ouchies. 

Son skidded across the cul-de-sac on his knee and elbow after his new bike clipped his brother’s? Peroxide, big bandages and a hug. Daughter climbed into a tree during hide-and-seek, then slipped on the way down? Trip to the doc for a pink cast with purple glitter. 

Fevers are different.

Fevers are Unpredictable 

In most cases, they are simply the body’s way of fighting a minor infection. But sometimes, they indicate something more serious. And they can spike fast—especially at 2:30 am. 

That, dear mamas, is what keeps us awake at night. 

We wonder whether a trip to the ER is worth the risk of exposure to more germs. We check our sick child’s forehead every 20 minutes with the back of our hand or wake her to take her temperature one more time

Continuous Monitoring

What if… at the first sign of fever, we could gently press a small, comfortable rectangle to our child’s forehead to check his temperature? What if… that same thermometer would continuously monitor that child for up to 48 hours straight?

The future has arrived.


Temp-N-Toss is an easy-to-read forehead thermometer that gives an accurate reading in about 15 seconds. Better yet, this tiny strip continuously displays temperatures from 94-104 degrees Fahrenheit to within one degree for two days. 

Our son had a runny nose, cough and slight fever last weekend, so I popped over to Target and bought a pack of six Temp-N-Toss forehead thermometers for $9.99. They were near the kids’ ibuprofen, and cough medicine at our store. 

When I pulled the tiny package out of the Target bag at home, both of our kids were immediately interested. Each strip is about the size of my pinkie finger, ultra thin and soft. 

No more worrying about low batteries, broken glass or leaking mercury. These strips are made of paper and use a proven liquid crystal technology that traditionally has been used in hospitals. 

I gently pressed one to my sick son’s forehead and seconds later, a bright green dot appeared. 

Overnight, all I had to do was glance at my son’s head to see whether his fever was rising or falling. In this case, that consistent, reliable data gave us peace of mind to continue monitoring rather than to take him to the doctor. 

Key Features

  • Continuous monitoring: Medical-grade adhesive allows for monitoring for up to 48 hours
  • Travel-friendly: Easily fits in diaper bags, purses, & first-aid kits 
  • Easy-to-read: Displays 94F-104F temperature range, accurate to within 1 degree
  • Eco-friendly design: No mercury, no glass, no batteries, latex-free, mylar-free
  • Non-invasive: Ideal for children, babies and adults
  • Disposable: Designed for single use to minimize risk of contamination
  • American Made: 100% made and sourced in the United States. Assembled by a company who employs People with Disabilities.

Where To Find Temp-N-Toss

Temp-N-Toss is available for purchase at Target stores nationwide, as well as online at walmart.com and Amazon

For bulk orders or private label opportunities, please email women-owned Tempagenix at [email protected] or request a quote online.

I’ll be keeping a stash in our medicine cabinet, in our camper and in my purse. (And shhhhh…. I might have grabbed a few extra packages to tuck into baby shower gifts.)

This post is brought to you in partnership with our friends at Tempagenix.