3 Family Traditions to Start This Halloween


It’s October which means that Halloween will be here before you know it!  With the exception of purchasing (or starting to make) those costumes early, I’m here with 3 Family Traditions I think you should start this Halloween. 

1. Boo your Friends and/or Neighbors

A few years ago in early October, we noticed an unexpected gift waiting for us on our doorstep. Much to our surprise we found a small pumpkin filled with treats and small gifts from one of our neighbors explaining that we had been Booed and it was now our turn to pass it on.  It was our first time being Booed but we were eager to pass on the fun to another neighbor so we ran out to pick up some Halloween and fall-themed items to fill another basket to leave with an unsuspecting neighbor. 

Since that year, our neighborhood has continued to Boo one another during the month of October and it remains one of our girl’s favorite things to do. 

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2. Know your Colored Pumpkins

Trick-or-treating is often just thought of as kids wearing costumes and collecting candy, but for some parents, it’s a unique challenge to get their kids to feel included in those traditions while also spreading awareness about issues that matter to them.

Before heading out for trick-or-treating, educate yourself on the meaning of different colored pumpkins and how you can be more inclusive at Halloween this year. Be sure to read San Francisco Mom’s post below. 

Teal Pumpkin

3. Make a Halloween Cocktail

Halloween can be fun for parents too!  This year, consider making a fun Halloween Cocktail to celebrate the season.  

A drink like a Black Widow Cocktail or Hocus Pocus sound like just the drinks for the occasion to me.  

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