5 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


Thanksgiving time is here, and we know how it goes. The turkey is roasting, the adults are mingling, and while the kids are waiting for their food, they might complain that they’re bored. Pull out these Thanksgiving crafts before it’s time to eat, and everyone will be entertained!

1. Coffee Filter Turkeys

This cute and colorful turkey will require a quick trip to the craft store before making, but it is sure to be a hit at your Thanksgiving gathering.

2. Coloring Pages

Kids and adults of all ages love to color, and these FREE PRINTABLES from St. Louis Moms will help kids young and old stay entertained at the dinner table while waiting for their food!

3. Decorative Wood Plank

This project would be great for older kids, a Friendsgiving gathering or a mom’s night out. You need wood planks, paint and some stencils, and the end results will be a decorative piece of artwork that you can pull out at Thanksgiving for years to come.

4. Thankful Tree

There’s no time like November to teach your kids about the importance of being thankful. This craft does just that, as each family member can add leaves to the tree that describe what they are thankful for.

5. Turkey Frame

These adorable, personalized picture frames will make a fun craft for your kids, and a great holiday gift for the grandparents!

BONUS: Thanksgiving Table Cloth

Our favorite Thanksgiving tablecloth is back!  Perfect for kids AND adults, this re-usable tablecloth will be a family favorite for years to come!

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Emily Roark
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