5 Simple Tips to Get Out of a Funk {for Leaders}


Hey, fellow leaders, do you ever find yourself in a funk?

*Slowly raises hand* Guilty!

Most of the time I can’t even put my finger on why I’m in a funk but I’m there and there is a very good chance I’m going to stay there (and take others’ “down” with me) unless I intentionally do something about it.

So whether you find yourself in a rut at this very moment or not, I’m nearly certain that you’ll find yourself in one at some point this year.

Below I’ve listed 5 simple things I’ve found that have worked for me when I find myself in a funk.

5 Simple Tricks to Get Out of a Funk

  1. Get moving.  I love what Tony Robbins says: Emotion is created by motion.  I’ve found that more often than not if I stop what I’m doing and force myself to go for a walk or do some simple exercises (even standing up and stretching), I find that my attitude changes as I start moving.
  2. Make the call. As social media, texting, Slack, and email have become the primary form of communication for many people, actual phone calls between friends and colleagues have dwindled.  However, there is a great benefit in picking up the phone and making a call.  Maybe making a quick phone call is just the break you need to get out of that funk.
  3. Get outside. Whether we are in our homes or in our cars, we spend the majority of our time indoors and it’s not good for us. Research has proven that going outside not only helps your mind but also your body and your spirit. Even short “micro-breaks” with nature have benefits for our minds.
  4. Take a mental break. As a work-at-home mom, I understand the tension of making the most of every minute we have available to tackle our never-ending to-do lists.  But rather than forcing myself to work through my funk, I’ve found it far more advantageous to take a mental break.  Oftentimes this means making myself a cup of Nespresso, grabbing a magazine, and finding a cozy spot on my couch for a 5-minute mental break.  Find what works best for you to recharge and make it a regular part of your week.
  5. Do something for someone else. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture of service. Small and simple works just as well. It might seem strange that an act of service would help to get you out of a funk but surprisingly I’ve found that when my heart, mind, and soul are heading in a negative direction, doing something small for someone else turns my focus to others, as opposed to myself.  And that small act of service is just the medicine that my heart needs to get me out of a funk.