A Girlfriend’s Guide to: Houseparty!

This post is in partnership with Houseparty. All opinions expressed are our own.

Are you missing your mom friends as much as we are? If you’re like us, when everything feels stressful and the world feels like it’s turning off of its axis, we lean on our girlfriends. So what are we supposed to do right now, when a coffee date isn’t possible and girl’s night out at a restaurant together feels like a distant memory?

Houseparty is the answer!

Houseparty allows for groups of friends to video chat on a mobile app or on a desktop platform. It’s super easy to use. You simply open the app and your friends receive a notification that you are now “in the house” and ready to chat.  Houseparty prompts you to identify “friends” in the app, ensuring that only people you know have access to your chats.Friendship on Houseparty is by mutual agreement. Only people you have accepted as friends can join you when you open the app. Rooms can be locked or unlocked by the people in the room.


We’ve used Houseparty to host Happy Hours, to blow off steam after a long day of working from home with the kids at home too, and to connect for just a few minutes to say hi! We love the fact that in Houseparty you are able to play a quick game with friends. The game feature allows for our group to keep things fun and prevents us from feeling like the video chat is just another virtual meeting. In a lot of ways, Houseparty feels truly social!

To download Houseparty, visit your app store. After you create your account, you’ll be prompted to link the app to your contact list and Facebook contacts, if you want to opt in. This will allow you to identify friends who already have Houseparty accounts!

During this time, carving out a moment for social connection can feel challenging. But with Houseparty, it’s easier than ever to check in with your girlfriend’s, host a game night, or toast a birthday. In-person social events might be on pause right now, but friendship isn’t.


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