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Hosting a Virtual Bloom Event

Each spring our network of Sister Sites host an annual Bloom event for New and Expecting Moms. Many of our Sister Site owners and their teams were already planning and preparing to host in-person Bloom events around the country when the COVID-19 pandemic forced communities to cancel all gatherings. But our Sister Sites are dedicated to encouraging mothers and building community, so they did the next best thing – pivoted their Bloom event to be hosted virtually. We’re proud to feature three Sister Site owners that leaned into a new opportunity and embraced hosting a virtual Bloom event.

When asked why she took the leap to hosting a virtual Bloom, Emily Youree of Forth Worth Moms explained, “Honestly, we didn’t want to leave our readers high and dry! We still wanted to find a way to celebrate these early years of motherhood. So many pregnant moms missed milestone celebrations thanks to coronavirus. Hosting a virtual event still allowed an opportunity to attend Bloom, win prizes, and most important celebrate with loved ones and other moms.”

Maria Hoey of OC Mom Collective adds, “One of my absolute favorite things about our Virtual Bloom event was that I received many messages from attendees about how it was a highlight of their week, but one in particular from a soon-to-be mama who was on bed rest in the hospital for the last 2 weeks due to a high-risk pregnancy.  She said that this virtual Bloom event gave her so much to look forward to and made her entire stay!”

Carrie Maddux, Director of Operations and Owner of Waco Moms added that a significant benefit of hosting a Virtual Bloom Event helped sponsors connect with moms immediately, rather than having to wait. She said, “Our sponsors were still able to engage with our attendees and follow up with the ones who expressed interest and liked their social media pages. They were happy that they were able to target mamas during a difficult time and serve them now rather than wait until the fall.”

This Week's Spotlight Features

Sister Site :: Fort Worth Moms | Owner ::  Emily Youree

Sister Site :: OC Mom Collective | Owner ::  Maria Hoey

Sister Site :: Waco Moms Owner ::  Carrie Maddux

A Word With The Sister Site Owners

Maria Hoey, OC Mom Collective

Maria Hoey, OC Mom Collective

Emily Youree, Fort Worth Moms

Emily Youree, Fort Worth Moms


Carrie Maddux, Waco Moms

“Our virtual Bloom was such a benefit to our sponsors and vendors.  First, they were still able to interact with all of our attendees – which was fantastic.  Second, many of our sponsors were essential workers and would usually have to take time away from their practices to attend our events, but with it being virtual they didn’t have to.  They could jump on at any time after the event and answer questions.  Also, because our event was virtual there was no limit to how many people could attend.  We definitely had double the amount of people who up to our virtual event than would have been able to attend in person.” – Maria Hoey, OC Mom Collective 

“Our virtual event was really well attended — more than double our typical in-person event. It was just plain old FUN. It was a morale booster for our team too; they saw first hand the excitement and engagement these moms experienced during the event. It reminded us of our WHY.” – Emily Youree, Fort Worth Moms

“I truly feel that Bloom could be a virtual event every year. The engagement was high and the vibe was infectious. It showed that we truly need community and I was thrilled to use our platform and provide that!” – Carrie Maddux, Waco Moms


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