Blessing in a Box :: How I’m Saving Time & Money

This post is in partnership with Wee Blessing. All opinions are my own.

I recently found myself on a clothing quest. The rainy season was approaching and I realized that my youngest son didn’t have a rain coat. My oldest son had a coat would make a perfect hand-me-down, but that left me with a problem: I still needed to buy one child a new rain jacket. In our hometown we enjoy all four seasons and they arrive in rather predictable fashion soI had plenty of time to source a new rain jacket option. One morning we explored the local big-box store, but their seasonal selection hadn’t arrived. Strike one. Next, we ventured into one of our favorite local outdoor outfitters – I had a coupon to use anyway. I found the perfect jacket, but for full price. No biggie, I had my coupon to cash in! Nope. The retailer wouldn’t honor the discount because it was in my husband’s name. Strike two. Finally, we went to a third retailer that was known for their clearance selection of seasonal items. Last winter I purchased a snow jacket for $7. Surely we would find a rain jacket here…and we did. For FIFTY DOLLARS. Hard pass. Strike three. Three stores with two young boys and we struck out.

So, how much time did I spend on my cross-town quest for a specific item at a good price? Answer: too much. 

I’m a big fan of outsourcing, so I can do my best work in other areas. Sure, in a perfect world maybe I would have a personal shopper, house cleaner, and chef. It’s nice to dream, huh? In reality, I fulfill all of those roles, plus a few others like wife, mother, employee, friend, and volunteer. As much as I wish I could do it all, I cannot, nor can I do it all well. 

So, when Wee Blessing offered to send me a Blessing Box I jumped at the chance. Here was my opportunity to outsource! Bonus: they not only shop for me, but they shop better! 

Wee Blessing is a styling service that provides outfit options for men, women, maternity and children. You simply fill out a Style Profile and provide your budget. A stylist will then get to work building a box of complete outfits for you to try. The box of outfits will be shipped directly to your home, for a flat shipping fee of $8. You have 10 days to try on the items and decided what to keep and what you would like to return. A self-addressed return bag is included for easy returns. 

The best part (it gets better!) is that each of the outfits you’ll be sent are discounted 40% – 60% Off retail prices. If you choose to keep all of the outfits, you’ll receive an additional 10% discount. Finally, if you use our exclusive code CityMoms you can receive an extra 20% discount on your first Blessing Box when you sign up. Tally up all those discounts and you’ll be getting a seriously good deal! 

I decided to request a Blessing Box for my 2 year old son, Charly. His older brother is exactly 2 years older, to the day. Hand-me -downs are plentiful in our home as everything big brother outgrows moves right on to Charly. Rarely does Charly enjoy brand new clothing, so this was a special treat for him.

I enjoyed filling out his style profile, since at this age I still get to determine many of his fashion choices. The website is very user friendly and straightforward. Even more impressive was the personal phone-call I received from Charly’s stylist just a few days later. She wanted to confirm his sizing, as well as ask additional questions in regards to his style and the stores we prefer to shop. This extra bit of personalized customer service sold me on Wee Blessing! 

I was so excited to open Charly’s Blessing Box when it arrived. You can watch the Facebook LIVE of the unboxing fun here. I loved all of the outfits they created and included. I was so impressed by the selection and variety of brands and the quality of the items. A very cute all-American, preppy outfit with a US POLO T-Shirt and Baby Gap Shorts. Cute and casual set with a Splendid Hoodie Shirt and Lucky Brand Shorts. My favorite is probably this trendy and cool outfit by 7 for All Mankind

Each of these items are exactly the style and type we have in Charly’s current wardrobe. His stylist nailed it! I loved this cute look with the Buffalo David Bitton Striped Shirt and Tailor Vintage Pull On Pants. I specifically asked for items we could layer as we transition from Winter to Spring so I was excited to see this Lucky Brand Zip Up Hoodie in the box. Finally, Charly’s favorite outfit by far were these Mickey Mouse Pajamas. His reaction when we pulled the PJ’s out of the box was absolutely adorable. His stylist wanted to be sure to include something that Charly would get excited about, and Mickey Mouse is always a hit! 

Included along with the outfits was a handwritten personalized thank you note from Charly’s Stylist. Along with a pre-paid shipping envelope for easy returns. In the envelope marked ‘Checkout Form’ was a reminder checklist with notes on when and how to purchase your favorite outfits. You have 10 days from the time you receive your Blessing Box to try and decide on outfits. Wee Blessing also offers custom payment pricing plans too! 

The Checkout Sheet has an itemized list of the outfits along with the ‘Retail Price’ and ‘Your Price.’ The price you pay per outfit with Wee Blessing is 40% – 60% Off Retail! You can also receive an additional 10% off if you choose to keep all the outfits. Don’t forget about the extra 20% you get with using code CityMoms when you sign up for your first Blessing Box. I added up the retail value of the box, for a total of $317.45 but the cost with Wee Blessing is only $135! That’s before any additional discounts too! Wee Blessing will work with your budget and create a custom outfit selection that works for your family, plus they also offer a payment plan option. The discounts make my heart sing, and I didn’t even have to leave my house to score a great deal! 

I can’t wait to order another Blessing Box for myself and the rest of my family! There are no obligations and you can order one box or set up a subscription for monthly or quarterly delivery. I think I’ll absolutely order a Blessing Box for our Annual Family Photos. I will take all the help I can get coordinating that project! Events like Back to School Shopping, Vacations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and Graduations are a perfect opportunity to order a Blessing Box. 

Even better than the discounts and the convenience – Wee Blessing is a company with a mission to give their customers an excellent experience with a personal touch. It truly is a blessing in a box that will save you time and money!

Remember to use code CityMoms when you sign up for 20% OFF your first box!