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Sister Site :: Alamo City Moms  | Years In Network :: 6 

Owners ::  Amanda Gentis & Lindsay Rouse |  Podcast ::  Conversations at the Kitchen Table with Alamo City Moms

Conversations At The Kitchen Table

Conversations at the Kitchen Table with Alamo City Moms launched in the fall of 2018 with an episode about mom friends, something that seems to be complex and simple all at the same time. Erin and Amada are joined by contributors, friends, and local experts to literally have a conversation from our kitchen tables: If you had the time to just sit and chat with other moms at the kitchen table – no mind of mess, leftover cereal bowls, or homework from two weeks ago – what would you talk about? Alamo City Moms Blog is a collective of 40 women living, working, and raising families in the greater San Antonio area who span the age and family-life range. This is our kitchen table – and we invite you to pull up a chair.

Sister Site :: Fort Worth Moms Blog | Years In Network :: 6 

Owner ::  Emily Youree |  Podcast ::  Momfessions Podcast

Momfessions Podcast

Momfessions Podcast discusses the beauty and burden of motherhood and how it translates into sweet moments, funny stories, heartache, and challenges. Hosted by Beth Ferreira and Emily Youree, Momfessions is a Fort Worth Moms production.

Sister Site :: MKE Moms Blog | Years In Network :: 4 

Owner ::  Sarah Kooiman |  Podcast ::  Milwaukee Momcast

Coming Soon: Milwaukee Momcast

A podcast with real stories from real parents, with a Midwest twist. We will be chatting with local parents about everything from work/home balance to entrepreneurship, foster care to human trafficking, adult friendships to body confidence, and everything in between!

Sister Site :: Orange County Moms Blog | Years In Network :: 4 

Owner ::  Maria Hoey |  Podcast ::  They See Me Mommin’

They See Me Mommin'

They See Me Mommin’ launched in January 2018, with 2 hosts who will make you laugh about all things motherhood.  Sometimes there are guests, but mainly it’s just the two of us laughing at ourselves and our kids!

Sister Site :: Quad City Moms Blog | Years In Network :: 8 

Owner ::  Jessica Holst |  Podcast ::  On A Mother Level

On A Mother Level

“When it comes to parenthood, we can relate. Your kids have some disgusting habits. We’ll talk about them. Your husband served nachos for breakfast? That sounds good. You cried today? That’s gonna happen. These are the ups and downs of motherhood, and we are here for them all.”

Join WQAD News 8 anchor Denise Hnytka as she explores parenthood on a MOTHER level. With the help of the Quad City Moms Blog, she’s opening up about what makes being a mom the best/worst/most amazing/unexpected adventure in life.

You’ll meet unstoppable moms who handle the home life while launching their own businesses. And we’ll teach the men a thing or two about multi-tasking when we explore parenthood through their eyes.

National Site ::  City Mom Collective

Owner ::  Stephanie Flies |  Podcast ::  Just Add Sprinkles

Just Add Sprinkles

Go ahead! Shake that jar of sprinkles and celebrate your role as a mom. I’m Stephanie Flies with City Mom Collective and my hope is the next forty minutes or so bring a smile to your face… skip to your step and a sprinkle or two to your mundane. This is Just Add Sprinkles: Celebrating Motherhood. A podcast by City Mom Collective.

Conversations At The Kitchen Table

In a recent, vulnerable moment, owner Kimberly posted that she is going through a hard season of life, and that she really needed to talk to a friend.  During the phone call, that friend asked her what she needed most, and Kimberly told the truth: she didn’t want to be alone.  Without skipping a beat, the friend responded, “I’m on my way”.

And she was. This story of true friendship, of the “I’m on my way” friend, has gone viral this week, featured on ________ and ________, and earning Kimberly a phone call from none other than Good Morning America!

Also Featured On

A Word With The Sister Site Owner

We briefly chatted with Kimberly about this viral post on her site; here’s what she had to say:

Why do you think this post resonated with so many moms around the country/world?

{insert response}

How does having an “I’m on my way” friend help in your times of need?

{insert response}


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