National Safety Month: How to Keep Our Kids Safe All Year Long


When my oldest daughter was two, she wasn’t walking up and down flights of stairs independently. Not because she couldn’t, but because she didn’t want to.  It was then that I was told by a pediatrician that my kids might be overly cautious because I’m overly cautious. She wasn’t criticizing me, exactly, and she wasn’t wrong. My type A, anxious personality takes safety seriously, perhaps too seriously — and what do you know — June is National Safety Month, a month dedicated to people keeping safe.

When it comes to kids’ safety, there are so many things to consider. Did I choose the right car seat? Is this helmet fitting properly? Is this bathing suit bright enough? These are some of the thoughts that go through my head, and I know I can’t be alone.

I want to make sure that my kids are safe in the car, the parking lot, around water, at school, on playground equipment, and the list goes on. It’s exhausting if you think about it long enough, but thankfully there are other moms who can help share the mental load.

These City Mom sister site writers have compiled ideas for staying safe during National Safety Month and all year long.

Keep Kids Safe All Year Long

National Safety Month:: Tips for Moms on Keeping Kids Safe

Water Safety

Water safety is important at any time of year, but especially right now as the temperatures warm up. This personal story with a good outcome reminds us to be diligent around the water at all times.

National Water Safety Month:: The Day My Son Almost Drowned

Fireplace Safety

The fireplace is the focal point in many homes, and although we might not think twice about it, this Indianapolis Moms writer bravely shares her story so we can remember to check our fireplaces and make sure they are up to code.

Fireplace Safety with Kids: Our Story

Internet Safety

Our kids are living in a different world than we did, and the internet is a huge reason why. If you’re not sure how to talk to your kids about internet safety, this contributor will tell you how.

How to Talk to Your Child About Internet Safety

Travel Safety

Kids are out of school and travel is on the rise. It’s a good time to make sure kids are in the right car seats and that they’re properly installed.

Family Travel Safety Tips

We can’t protect our kids from everything, but we can learn as much as we can and minimize dangers for our kids.

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