Perfect Snacks for Summer Road Trips

This post was sponsored by our friends at good2grow, but the opinions are all our own!

The sun is shining and after a really tough year we are all looking forward to putting 2020 in the rearview mirror and taking a break this summer! It has been a while since we travelled regularly, and you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of road-tripping with little ones. When in doubt, pack snacks! When you are logging miles on the road with kids in tow, snacks are both essential AND can be used as a fun activity.

Snack Tray

What kid wouldn’t love a big box of snacks at their disposal? A pre-packed snack tray ensures a variety of snacks are available to your child throughout the trip. Allowing your child to snack when they please and pick whichever snack they’d prefer at the moment is a great way to offer them some control of the trip. If your kids are little, make sure that each snack is small and not a choking hazard.

Timed Snacks

If the snack tray feels overwhelming or you aren’t sure if your child can handle having ALL of the snacks available at one time, try timed snack baggies! Set a timer on your phone that is loud enough for your kids to hear. When the alarm sounds, they know it’s snack time and can pick from a pre-packaged baggie and enjoy.


With these road trip snacks, we know you’ll need a beverage, too! Enter good2grow, the go-to road trip beverage. Parents love good2grow juices because they’re free from artificial ingredients, full of the good stuff and are spill-proof — perfect for car rides. Kids love good2grow because they’re delicious and feature over 200 of their favorite licensed characters!

Image your kiddo’s face when you pull out a delicious juice with their very favorite character on top! They’ll have a spill proof (every mom’s dream) beverage to go along with their snack, and can use it as a toy afterward!

When you get home from your road trip, be sure to save your good2grow bottles. Along with acting as a toy, the tops can be washed and reused! Try homemade popsicles with a good2grow top!

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Happy road tripping! And, happy snacking!