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Sister Site :: Phoenix Moms  Years In Network :: Co-Owners ::  Kara Hyvarinen, Angela Barako & Kate Eschbach

About Phoenix Moms

We are a woman-owned and led small business created by local women to support local women (moms!). We love the opportunity to market local businesses to our readers and are thankful for our sponsors who make Phoenix Moms possible!

Top 5 Things to Know About Phoenix

1. 300 days of sunny weather

2. Over 200 miles of hiking trails

3. Amazing Mexican food

4. Only a few hours drive from beaches in California or Mexico

5. Watching sports, especially Spring Training

Phoenix Moms in The Community

Our most popular events are the Mom’s Night Events. We love hosting moms in an intimate (and often delicious!) setting. We are looking forward to having more in person events in 2023.

What do you love most about being a Sister Site Owner?

I love being a part of a local sister site as well as a national team. We accomplish so much when we all work together and I’ve seen nothing but amazing teamwork

-Kara Hyvarinen


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