Stetson Salad


Enjoy this fan-favorite salad this summer!

In the summer, I love a good salad, and when thinking of salads, I can’t help but think of my very favorite salad – the Stetson Salad (inspired by a menu item at Cowboy Ciao)

There are several things I love about this salad.

First, it’s beautiful!

I always line up the ingredients before serving it (instead of mixing everything first) and by doing so, it makes the presentation just gorgeous!

Secondly, the combination of different textures in the salad is pleasantly delightful.

And thirdly – it’s not your standard romaine salad (which is a good thing in my book… I like variety).

Without further ado…. enjoy…

Stetson Salad

Halved Cherry Tomatoes Tomatoes
Israeli Cous Cous
Dried Corn (Amazon)
Diced Grilled Chicken
Feta Cheese
Dried Cranberries
Chopped Arugula
Creamy Cilantro Dressing (Trader Joe’s Cilantro Dressing + Ranch to make it creamy)
Sunflower seeds

Assemble the salad by lining up ingredients on a plate.
Drizzle dressing as needed and enjoy