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Something Has Got to Give

"We had zero wiggle room. This is not what I always hoped and dreamed for my family! As my grandmother would say, we had a 'come to Jesus' meeting."

Mom Must-Haves :: April 2017 Healthy Living

In our second issue of Mom Must-Haves, we are sharing with you our favorite healthy lifestyle brands, hand-selected by moms, for moms!

5 Ways to Survive the Death of a Dream

For so many of us, we don’t get a big shiny bow on our lives. We live every day, a little banged up and bruised but still breathing, and we learn how to love our lives anyway, smack in the middle of the unexpected.

School of Generalizations: The A-Z of Being a Millennial Mom

"In the end - just because we're moms of a similar age doesn't mean we have anything in common. Except this: a fierce love for our kids and a desire to create a wonderful world for our family."

Grace Based Discipline: How to Be at Your Best When Your...

What we do or say in moments when our kid’s behavior lights our fuse can define our relationship with them. This is where grace based discipline comes in.

Simple Steps to Save Your Child’s Life With Child-Guard

We’ve partnered with Child-Guard to bring our readers the best products in home safety.

Friends Saved Me From the Brink: Lessons in Showing Up

Those mom friends who cleaned my house? They saved me from the brink. They kept me from sinking deep. We need to show up, moms. Our acts of kindness may be what our friends need to breathe another day. Let’s show up together.

Foster Care: A Path to Adoption

While many never consider it as a viable option for starting or growing their family, the benefits of fostering before adopting are numerous.

Fashion Engaged {Sponsored Post From Apricot Lane}

City Moms Blog Network shares one mom's story and success with Apricot Lane Boutique.