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Self Care :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 55

We know self-care is good for us. So, what do we do and how, exactly do we do it? Join Steph and Michelle as they...

Mom Must-Haves :: February 2020 | Treat Yourself

At City Mom Collective, we are excited to continue our Mom Must Haves series in 2020. Each month we will feature our favorite brands and product...

Just a Sprinkle with Steph :: Self Care & Self Awareness

In this episode, Steph is diving in and discussing the importance of self care and self awareness.

Treating Your Body As A Site of Miracles

From the squishy bellies to the varicose veins, our mom bodies get a bad rap. Our bodies get peed on, yelled at, woken up, and taken for granted on a daily basis. Yes, certainly by our children, but mostly by ourselves. Can I get an AMEN?