4 Expert Tips for Mom’s Mental Health


At City Mom Collective, we are passionate about supporting women in all stages of motherhood. And in doing so, we know that the reality is, that challenges arise in motherhood that contribute to mental health struggles.

Your Mental Health Matters to us.

Read below for 4 Expert Tips for Mom’s Mental Health.

1. Start Your Day with 10 Minutes for You

Dr Lyz“How we spend the first 30 minutes of our day can help set the tone for the rest of our day.  As moms and women, we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of our “to-do list” and by the time we get there, we have little (if any!) time and energy to spend nurturing ourselves.  I love meditating first thing after I roll out of bed in the morning to help me ease into my day with a sense of peace and balance.  Some other ideas: journaling, singing, moving your body, praying, reading, or saying positive affirmations aloud. Most importantly: choose an activity that is nurturing for you – body, mind, heart, soul, and/or spirit!” – Dr. Lyz DeBoer, Licensed Psychologist and Podcaster

2. Connect with or create your village

SherylZiegler“The benefits of friendship are vast and include being physically and mentally healthier and even living longer and surviving disease better. If you have lost contact with your social support over the pandemic, reach out to them and re-connect. if you don’t feel you have a friend to reach out to, create a book club, arrange a meet-up, or get involved in a community event. There are literally millions of other people who need social support and if you build it they will come.” – Dr. Sheryl Gonzalez Ziegler, Licensed Psychologist, Author & Mental Health Expert

3. Do a basic needs check once a day and keep it simple

“A basic needs check is basically what it sounds like, checking in on your needs as a mom. This is a little different for every mom but we recommend things like having a drink, eating something, taking a shower, or changing your clothes. These simple things are important to ensure that you are being mindful of your needs. However, we also recognize moms often don’t have the time they would like to have an hour to themselves so we recommend starting and keeping it simple. Ensuring your basic needs are met will help with brain function and emotional regulation to help moms get through the day.” – Chelsea & Caitlin, Registered Psychologists and Co-Founders of MamaPsychologists

4. Identify Shame

“Shame dictates our actions when we aren’t aware of ourselves. Shame resilience allows us to notice our emotions before we take action. As you parent, notice how shame dictates your decisions in parenting and see how you can get ahead of it. Our shame shows up when WE feel inadequate or embarrassed. Not because of our children’s behavior. Kids are going to be kids and make poor choices and not do smart things. If we can manage our own shame before we place it on our children both of us can recover so much faster. Remind yourself that you are not ____(bad, insufficient, ill-equipped) and neither are your children. Then tell yourself the truth that it’s your job to help them make better choices and move through the moment together. When you realize the gift you have in shepherding your children through hard moments you give yourself and your children the freedom to be human.” – Tracy Carson, Consultant and Licensed Professional Counselor

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