The 5 Benefits of Summer Camp

City Moms Blog Network is partnering with Children's Learning Adventure to discuss the many benefits of Summer camp! We received compensation for this post, however all opinions and benefits are 100% our own.

Believe it or not… Summer is just around the corner, and moms everywhere are beginning to prep and plan for the dog days ahead. But as you start to explore summer camp options, don’t forget that you aren’t just filling your child’s calendar. Au contraire!  Summer camp is actually filled with benefits that will shape your child and fill their summer with lasting memories.

The {Many} Benefits Of Summer Camp

Today we are teaming up with our friends at Children’s Learning Adventure to share just a few {of the many} benefits of summer camp as well as need to know info on their exciting Mad Summer Science Camp too!

1} Summer Camp Fosters Independence

A new place, new friends, new opportunities…  When our children attend summer camp, it helps them to grow more independent.  While at camp, children are able to make their own choices, choose their own activities, and learn to rely on other trusted adults and peers instead of just mom and dad.

2} Summer Camp Builds Friendships

There is something special about the friendships that are created at summer camp.  Maybe it’s the team-building, maybe it’s the time spent together, or maybe it’s the special memories that can only be created in a setting like summer camp.  Whatever the case may be, our children make new friends and form bonds that last well beyond the summer season.

3} Summer Camp Encourages Active Play

From team sports to bowling, summer camp encourages active play opportunities that children simply won’t find at home.  Equipped with state of the art equipment, exciting environments, and newfound friends, summer camp is the perfect place to keep kids active and engaged all summer long.

4} Summer Camp Creates Confidence

As children explore new friendships and new activities, their confidence will soar.  It’s amazing to watch a child discover a new strength, and it’s equally as amazing to see them persevere when they don’t succeed right off the bat.  Summer camp encourages both – and builds confidence along the way.

5} Summer Camp Enables Experiences

Exciting activities, field trips around town, and new skills to explore, summer camp provides all of these experiences and so much more.  You’ll love hearing your child talk about their daily adventures at camp, and they will be so excited to return again and again!

Ready to sign your child up for camp this summer? Check out Mad Summer Science Camp at a Children’s Learning Adventure near you!

Each week, campers will engage in lessons related to the Mad Summer Science theme packed with exciting activities, crafts, games, sports, field trips, and so much more! Mad Summer Science Camp is all-inclusive with no hidden fees. Children’s Learning Adventure also offers flexible scheduling so you only pay for the weeks your child attends!

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