“The One” Baby Carrier You Need {BabyBjörn Sponsored Post + #CloseToHeart Twitter Party}


This past year I was pregnant for the first time in three and a half years. That’s three and a half years away from the baby product industry and the never-ending list of must-haves and needs. Three and a half years of not being bombarded by things like an entire wall (no lie) of pacifiers at Buy Buy Baby. The twenty-thousand burp cloths in every fabric known to man…the umpteen configurations of bottles and sippy cups and feeding utensils. Poor mamas…wouldn’t it be nice if there was just a kit handed to you when you left the hospital that said “ALL THE THINGS FOR BABY” and it was just that: everything you ever needed, no questions, no options, no more decisions upon decisions.

While having had two kids made me no expert by any means, I did go into my third pregnancy with a short list of items that have been tried and true. This baby was completely unexpected, i.e., all our previous baby items were long gone. So when it came time to think about my needs and wants for this baby, I had my go-to items and didn’t stray too much.

However, there was one new item that was given to me to try, and I am glad I didn’t go with my regular course of action in this one area: babywearing. With the previous two babies, I tried all the wraps, slings, front carriers, front-facing carriers, back carriers (never quite figured that one out). In the end I ended up with at least three different baby-wearining apparatuses, each of them only being useful for a limited amount of time.

That’s why third baby and I lucked out this time with The One by BabyBjörn. Imagine yourself walking through Buy Buy Baby, passing the walls of pacifiers and the gazillion bottles, finding the sign that says BabyWearing, and there in the middle of the aisle, shining in all its glory was one lone product. The One. (cue angels singing)

So why is The One “The ONE”? Here’s all that it does: (but first, imagine everything you’ve wanted from your previous carriers and make a mental checklist before reading this list…ok, now read)

  • A total of four front AND back carrying positions that will last from newborn to toddler years
    BabyBjorn The One Front Facing Baby Carrier - City Moms Blog Network
  • You can carry your newborn WITHOUT an insert (one less product = pure mama gold)
  • Acknowledged by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a “hip-healthy” carrier
  • Straps that are easily adjustable so you and your partner can both wear baby (just not at the same time) 😉
  • Folds up easily so it can fit in your diaper bag (which you wouldn’t think when you look at it)
    BabyBjorn The One Folded Baby Carrier - City Moms Blog Network
  • Several YouTube videos to show you how to wear and adjust the carrier (there are instructions both on paper and actually attached to the carrier, but for people like me who are more visual learners, the videos are super helpful)
  • All fabric used is baby-friendly and free of health-hazardous substances and allergens – which means if your teething infant gets a hold of it in her mouth, you have one less worry
  • It’s doctor approved – Baby Bjorn never launches a product without the feedback and approval from leading pediatricians, midwives, and child psychologists
  • Carriers come in both cotton and mesh materials in several colors (I went with silver mesh), and are machine-washable (which I’ve already tested thanks to both a coffee spill and chicken salad on both baby and carrier…oops). Plus there is a fleece-lined cover you can order, for those in colder climates.
    The One Baby Carrier - BabyBjorn - City Moms Blog Network
  • Perhaps my favorite reason I love The One is I can easily carry my newborn around while I keep up with my older two kids – definitely a big need with a preschooler and kindergarten to entertain!
    BabyBjorn The One Baby Carrier Review - City Moms Blog Network

So did that mark off everything on your checklist? It does it for me. Anything that can last through the newborn stage all the way through toddler years, is definitely the one for me. There’s only one other baby product that’s gotten me through five child-rearing years, and that’s a pair of yoga pants. (three babies = mama needs all the stretchy material I can get).

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One

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