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When you evaluate, holistically your life and all the different areas that are vying for our attention that you’re trying to prioritize well – really look at the gaps. Where are the areas where I really need someone who could pour into me and really help me in this arena or area of my life. 

Join Stephanie as she interviews Heather Adams, founder and CEO of Choice Media & Communications. Together, they discuss mentors and the value found in both mentoring and being a mentee. 

Mentoring isn’t limited to just professional settings; Stephanie and Heather will discuss the wide variety of what a mentoring relationship can look like. If you’ve wondered what mentoring is all about, check out this episode! We want to know – have you participated in a mentorship? 

Episode 39 :: Show Notes

Episode 39 :: About Our Guest


Heather Adams is the founder and CEO of Choice Media & Communications. A self-proclaimed pop-culture junkie, Heather leads Choice’s impressive team of women as they serve preeminent voices in publishing, government, lifestyle, entertainment, business, and faith-based arenas. Heather is a widely recognized communications expert and savvy strategist, but that’s not what first comes to mind when people who know her think of her. When today’s most respected journalists, editors, producers, authors, and other personalities at outlets including “The TODAY Show,” “Good Morning America,” TIME, The New York Times, People, ESPN, Redbook, HuffPost, Southern Living, USA Today, Forbes, and more think of Heather, what first comes to mind is genuine, long-term friendship. A passionate mentor to women in the communications field and beyond, Heather is tearing down old barriers with the ever-present hope that in the future, women professionals and entrepreneurs will face far fewer obstacles. Heather lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, Matthew Adams, and their two young sons, Dixon and Thackston.


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