Traveling Tips For The Family :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode #19


A vacation when you have kids is called a trip. You just do life in a different surrounding.

Yes and then you get home and you are thoroughly exhausted and just need a spa day – or seven.

Join co-hosts Stephanie and Michelle, as they discuss tips, tricks and share funny stories about traveling with the family.

Traveling with kids more often than not is no where close to a vacation. Pretty much mamas need a vacation from their vacation when they return. We are going to share some tips for traveling with kids that will hopefully make the experience just a “tad” easier!

Episode 19 :: Show Notes

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Our Birmingham sister hits the nail on the head with this post, Seven Signs You’ve Just Survived a “Vacation” with Kids. It’s sure to have you nodding your head in agreement!

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We are SO excited to introduce our newest Sister Site, Miami Moms Blog!

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