West Texas Wooden Swing Set Giveaway



Isn’t it every mommy’s dream to have a brand new, high-quality and safe swing set for their littles to play on this summer? Well, luckily City Moms Blog Network is partnering with West Texas Swing Sets to give away a wooden swing set valued at over $2,000.

West Texas Swing Sets President & Owner, Charlie Sammann, is the proud daddy of 8 children and grandpa of 11.  With 30 years experience in the industry, West Texas Swing Sets offers customers 4 Quality Wooden Swing sets made of redwood and cedar.

What makes this giveaway even more exciting, maybe more for your hubbies muscles, is that West Texas Swing Sets ship 80% assembled and only take 3-4 hours of assembly. Compared to similar sets, this is a MAJOR benefit since oftentimes these types of swing sets take days (and days) to assemble! Don’t believe us?  Watch this video where Charlie Sammann explains the shipping and assembly process.

We are pretty confident in saying, EVERY kid would love for their mom to win this fabulous giveaway!

Want to learn more about entering for your chance to win?  See below for more giveaway details.

:: Giveaway is CLOSED ::

:: Terms and Conditions ::

Free Shipping to all states in the contiguous United States. Winners in Alaska and Hawaii and Canada would be responsible for shipping.

Swing Set will ship out 5-7 business days after winner is contacted.

Installation :: Swing Set 3 will come 80% Assembled. Assembly time should be around 3-4 hours. If winner is wanting swing set installed for them, they will be responsible for installation cost. Installation cost is $349.

Additional Accessories such as Monkey bars, Fire Mans Poles and additional swings can be added at an additional charge.


  1. I have a friend who is about to welcome their 9th child into the family. She has Mr. Sammann beat by one, although she only has one grandchild so far. The family is making a huge cross country move at the end of next month. If I win I think it would be the best baby/house warming gift I could give them! Unless of course you’re having a horse giveaway soon? 😉

  2. My kids would love this! We just had are 4 th child, and been looking for a swing set but they are so expensive! This would be a blessing!

  3. My boys would love this! Old one had a tree fall on it. We havent been able to replace it. Looks amazing!

  4. My boys would love this! There old one had a tree fall on it and we havent been able to replace it. Such a neat looking swingset

  5. This swingset is exactly what i want for my daugher! She always wants to go to the park and wants her own “park” for our house, but money has been an issue. This would be a great gift for my baby girl and it would get much use from her! 🙂 Please pick us!

  6. Ok. See, I would really love to win this swing set, but not for my own children. My sister-in-law is the most deserving gal you’ll ever meet and my two very precious nieces would LOVE to be on the receiving end of this blessing. Fingers crossed!

  7. My grand daughter would love this her mom is on disability from cerebral palsy and a single mom with a fixed income she would absolutely be ecstatic.

  8. My children have a very cheap swingset that is rusting away and we had to take it down 2 weeks ago. My 8 year old has been pretty upset. This would be an incredible blessing for my two children. Please consider our family.

  9. My identical twin boys would have *DOUBLE* the fun and adventures with this in our backyard. Sending a big “Thanks!” to West Texas Swing Sets and City Moms for offering the chance to win!

  10. This would be great to win. My mom passed away to cancer last April leaving my dad to raise my 3 little brothers and 1 little sister. I help take care of the kids so he can work and I also have 4 kids of my own so a big durable swingset would be amazing for entertainment with less fighting.

  11. Once we have clicked all the extra ways to get entries we are entered? I didn’t have to put my name, address, phone # or anything so I just want to make sure I am correctly entered. Thank you!! 🙂

  12. Well I have 4 boys I am 28 an I am in a wheelchair so going to the park or something like that is very hard to do with my 4 boys they are 2 , 4 , 7, 10 they would love this

  13. My daughter would love this!!! And with another girl on the way.. so much fun will be gotten out of this! Not to mention all the cousins!!

  14. We have 5 kids, 3 of whom have Down syndrome. We chose our 3 EXTRA special blessings through the miracle of international adoption. Macey (9), Marcus (8) and Mia (7) would LOVE a swing set in our backyard. What a blessing it would be to WIN!

  15. Wow! My children ages 7 and 4 would love this. I would love it too! We have a fantastic back yard that is in need of a great swing set like this.

    • Hey Sarah:

      So sorry you are having issues watching the video. It looks like everything went through though on our backend and your extra entry for the video was counted!!

      Good Luck!

  16. We have 5 kids plus I do in home day care this would be heaven sent…I have the perfect place to sry it up!

    • Hey Toni:

      So sorry you were having issues, however it looks like you have multiple entries (a.k.a. chances to win), so everything was counted appropriately after all!

      Good luck!

  17. What a fabulous giveaway! We were just talking about how it is time to upgrade our swingset. Love how they design the swingsets so that they come practically put together!

  18. Would love to win this and see the smiles from Jackson little face as he played on this all day long!

  19. My son would LOVE this, wish I had something like this as a child! I can vision many memories already 🙂

  20. After our big move from California to Texas we had to get rid of our fun swing set. Winning one to put in the yard for the kids would be so awesome!!!!

  21. what an awesome giveaway!!! My husband and I have been eying swing sets for our boys but it’s 3rd on the priority list so this would be so amazing. Fingers crossed!!!!

  22. This would be awesome in our yard! My oldest of 4 children is 6 and my youngest is 6 weeks, we would definitely get tons of use out of it. My husband is a wonderful hands on daddy but when it comes to using tools he could use some help. The fact that this is 80% assembled will help ME put it together 😉

  23. Would love to win this for my little boy and baby on the way :). It would keep my son entertained when we need to stay home.

  24. What an amazing swingset! It would make a beautiful addition to our newly sodded backyard!

  25. I would love to have this swing set. We have 10 grandchildren and they are at my house most of the time. We have a family dinner of 20 people usually twice a month. With summer here I know the grandkids will be at our house. They have never had a swing set that all could play on.

  26. Please pick us- my 3 year old just had a baby sister and a big move – so something for just for him( well we can say that) would be great. We are now the central hub for 6 of his first cousins all under the age of four ,so this would also GREAT for us moms;)

  27. This would be awesome for the 3 kids since they have outgrown the old and rotten one in the yard!!

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