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We are passionate about encouraging Moms to get out in their great communities and support local happenings all the while making life richer for everyone! In busy communities throughout America, it’s more difficult than ever to meet other families and deepen friendships. Moms can make their communities feel smaller by enhancing relationships through the use of social media. We hope you learn more about your communities and become a local resource that connects Moms together.

Summer Safe Travel :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 63

Summer travel is back and we're sharing tips for getting on the road with kids of all ages. We asked our network of moms to share some of their tried and tested hacks for family travel and you won't want to miss them!

Summer Safety :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 62

Summer is here which means sun, water, bugs, and heat! As mothers ourselves we know there's a lot of precautions and preparations when it comes to kids and summer fun.

Summer Proof Your Phone and Your Memories!

Take a trip down memory lane with me. You’re at the beach, lake, pool (insert favorite place to summer here) thrilled to create a day of memories with your crew! The problem is the...

Kids & Food Allergies :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 61

In this episode, Steph and Michelle are talking about kids and food allergies. Food allergies are scary. Sending your child to school or to a birthday party, knowing that allergens could be floating around is scary.

Perfect Snacks for Summer Road Trips

The sun is shining and after a really tough year we are all looking forward to putting 2020 in the rearview mirror and taking a break this summer! It has been a while since...

Mental Health :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 60

Steph and Michelle are discussing a big topic, one that is vital even though it may be uncomfortable. Studies suggest 1 in 5 American adults struggle with mental illness.

Supporting Moms Experiencing Infertility :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 59

Steph and Michelle are discussing how to support friends that are experiencing infertility. One in eight couples have trouble getting pregnant, you may be one of them - and you very likely know someone who's experienced fertility challenges.

Mom Must Haves:: Inclusive Products for Families

At City Mom Collective we know that the best place to source reliable information is from fellow MOMS! April is Autism Acceptance Month, and we wanted to feature products that are adaptive and supportive to...

Caring for Kids with Disabilities :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 58

In this episode, Steph and Michelle discuss caring for children with disabilities. 7 million children aged 3 - 21 in the United States have a disability.

A Year of COVID Life :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 57

In this episode Steph and Michelle are reflecting back on the past year, highlighting some of the hard moments and celebrating a few of the bright ones.