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To just try to raise them to be proud of who they are. But then also be honest with them about color. I think they are beautiful, but there may be one day when people don’t have an appreciation for that. And we’ve even shared with my 9-year old, ‘Honey, don’t believe it, but there are going to be some people who don’t think you are as smart because your skin is brown. But don’t listen, because it’s not true.’ That’s a conversation we have with them regularly.

Join Stephanie and Jeanine Ferguson, CMBN Sales Manager, as they discuss an important topic in today’s culture, diversity and inclusion in motherhood.

Both share stories and perspectives on race and how as mothers we can educate our children and start necessary conversations to build a culture of inclusion.

Episode 9 :: Show Notes



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Episode 9 :: Guest

Jeanine Ferguson, CMBN Sales Manager

Jeanine Ferguson is a National Sales Manager for City Moms Blog Network. She is also a Contributor for Jacksonville Moms Blog. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Florida. Jeanine and her husband, Cleveland, are proud parents of two fun-loving boys, Cleveland IV (February 2009) and Jackson (July 2012). In her spare time, Jeanine enjoys spending quality time with her family, watching and attending culinary competitions, and finding new adventures to explore.

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