Planning For 2017 In Style At The Raddison Blu Mall of America

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City Moms Blog Network is a rapidly growing company, whose mission is to support nearly 100 women in operating their own businesses, to be a positive voice for motherhood internationally, and to help brands reach their audience – MOMS.

Over 2016, the CMBN national team nearly doubled in size, our sister sites grew by 30% and we reached MILLIONS of readers. Needless to say 2016 was a great year! And City Moms Blog Network is committed to making 2017 even better!

Planning, Strategizing and A Little Fun!

With nearly every facet of our business being done virtually, having the opportunity to see each other face-to-face (and I don’t mean via video conference) is worth its weight in gold!

Getting to hug ladies you talk to every day, or even hear them talk versus read what they type in email, is truly good for the soul! It is also vital to the success of our mission!

A few weeks ago, the City Moms Blog Network Executive Team, gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota to plot out some BIG things coming in 2017 (more on that will be released later)!

Our wonderful host for the 48 hours full of strategizing, planning, organizing, and strategizing (yes that one was mentioned twice, but we did A LOT of it) was the Raddison Blu Mall of America.

In a traditional business setting, one might not get so excited about a business strategy meeting, let alone it taking place over a weekend. However, as work-from-home-moms being able to connect offline with women who are equally as passionate about what we are doing at City Moms Blog Network as you are, was quite literally a vacation, and luckily we had the perfect accommodations for business and leisure!

For Business or Leisure

From the luxurious beds, which didn’t have to be shared, delicious food that consisted of more than left over mac and cheese, and friendly staff who didn’t “sass” back, we were on cloud-nine being able to have some time away. We even snuck in a roller coaster and shopping to add the perfect exclamation point to the weekend!

As working moms, we got right down to business. We were able to focus on how we are going to make truly remarkable things happen for our fabulous network of sister sites as well as for our readers nationally and internationally. This is in large part due to the fabulous accommodations and staff provided at The Raddison Blu. They had everything we needed to put in two full days of planning!

The Raddison Blu MOA is quite literally connected to one of the most iconic shopping centers in America. The Mall of America is the country’s largest indoor entertainment center and shopping mall. The hotel accommodates both business and leisure guests perfectly, providing programs for kids, meeting spaces, spa services and even a shopping program.

So, even though we left the kiddos at home this time, we would definitely love to come back and have them tag along!!  The Raddison Blu’s Kids Club offers kids ages 3-12 the ability to not only experience the hotel, but to EXPLORE the hotel.  Marty the Moose, the official mascot, who is friendly and a bit clumsy, will take guests on adventures through Adventures of Marty the Moose stories and introduce his Blu Explorer Passports that allow different age groups to explore, experience, and find what’s ‘Blu’ at Mall of America during their stay.

After children check-in with their parents, explore and earn their four passport stamps they will have their choice of a Marty the Moose plush animal, a Hard Rock Roxtars™ plush, or two $10 game cards to SkyDeck Sports Grille & Lanes.  What kid doesn’t love a free stuffed animal??

And we haven’t even touched on the food yet! The FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar, located in the Radisson Blue is truly a unique dining experience. With farm-to-table dishes, each menu option is prepared with local Midwestern ingredients from Twin Cities-based food artisans. Good news is you won’t even have to leave the hotel for out of this world cuisine!

Whether you’re looking for a weekend escape with your spouse, a beautiful and relaxing space to have a work weekend with your coworkers, or a super fun vacation for the whole family, The Raddison Blu MOA has you covered!

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