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City Mom Collective is expanding and we want to connect with you

We are looking for Site Owners in Salt Lake City, Charlotte and Tulsa to start a City Mom Collective Sister Site in early 2021! Why start a site? Because your community needs resources and support right now, maybe more than ever before. City Mom Collective is passionate about empowering site owners to embrace their given-talents in a way that supports both their motherhood journey and their entrepreneurial-spirits. Moms today have the privilege of turning to web-based resources for information and our Sister Sites are among their most respected sources. Plus, in addition to building community online, our sites encourage the growth of meaningful relationships offline as well.

Community is valuable. Parenting resources and information are crucial.

A City Mom Collective Sister Site Owner is committed to the mission of supporting and connecting moms with the local community and information they need. Many of our Sister Site Owners begin their journey in site ownership because they see a great need in their local cities. Where can moms in your area turn for trusted information and honest perspectives on parenting?

Our business model is unique and tailored especially for women with a heart to connect others.

City Mom Collective is more than just a group of sites – it’s a Sisterhood. Our Sister Site Owners are a collective of diverse and innovative women that will lend support and encouragement that extends far beyond what other business-focused organizations have. We believe in the value of community over competition, and know that a business journey is better together.

Our Site Owners are compassionate leaders fueled by a drive for creating a sense of community in their local area. They are life-long learners that possess a self-starter mindset, and a willingness to grow their existing skills while achieving new ones.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

To learn more about what Sister Site ownership looks like, and the support that City Mom Collective offers visit this page.

We are certain your local area will embrace a City Mom Collective Sister Site. How can we know that? Because of the 85+ Sister Sites around the country and the millions of moms that rely on the information, resources and community created by our network of sites.

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