I think we just have so little margin as moms that making space in our lives for a hobby takes some deliberate choice. I'd say that is my story in getting myself involved in a variety of hobbies that...
Join Stephanie and Michelle, CMBN's Public Relations Specialist and Podcast Producer, as they discuss the importance of embracing celebration and building in the margin to serve others.
Join Stephanie, along with guest Christy Curtis, co-founder of Military Moms Blog as they discuss all the excitement and buzz that surrounded the royal wedding of Prince Harry and now Princess Meghan Markle. While most of us set our alarms...
Join Stephanie as she discusses embracing Summer and building memories with guest, Christine Meggison, contributor for Des Moines Moms Blog. On this episode, we're talking all about Summer and keeping things simple, fun and survivable for everyone - especially mom!
Join Stephanie as she talks (and laughs) about being a Hot Mess Mom with the comedic duo, Leeann & Michelle. If you've never taken a ride on the Hot Mess Express, are you really a mom!?
Join Stephanie and Chelsea Johnson, author of Preggers: A Straightforward, Informative, Candid, Relatable, Laugh Out Loud Guide To Pregnancy, From Trying To Get Pregnant All The Way Up To Labor and Delivery, as they talk about all things related to pregnancy, being a new mom and babies!
Join Stephanie and Adrienne Woods, Co-Owner of Northwest Arkansas Moms Blog, who has also struggled with her own infertility journey and learning to cope with her path to motherhood as they discuss an issue that faces nearly 7.3 million Americans.
Join Stephanie and Katja Rowell MD, who teaches the importance of a healthy feeding relationship to health care providers, family therapists and childcare staff and consults with corporate clients, nutrition education and public health providers, as they discuss feeding picky eaters.
Join Stephanie and Samantha Ettus, a renowned work/life balance expert, speaker and author of The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe For Success and Satisfaction, as they discuss the concept of "work/life" balance.
Join Stephanie and Jeanine Ferguson, CMBN Sales Manager, as they discuss an important topic in today's culture, diversity and inclusion in motherhood. Both share stories and perspectives on race and how as mothers we can educate our children and start necessary conversations to build a culture of inclusion.

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