Mom Must-Reads :: Week of May 28


Want to know what other moms are reading about? We’ve pulled the top 5 posts from across our Sister Sites just for you!

The Day I Almost Lost My Daughter: Lessons from an Allergy Mom

I remember sitting there nervous, unable to shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. Little did I know that she was in full blown anaphylaxis. My daughter was dying and no one knew it. Thankfully, I listened to my instincts and took her to the nurse’s office.

The Holding Period: Life Leading Up to a Deployment

So, allow yourself to feel it, give your parting kiss, and soon enough you’ll be counting down the final days.

Grey’s Anatomy Got It Wrong…

Most SB Mama’s I know did everything “right,” including taking our prenatals and folic acid. Spina bifida causes some paralysis, bladder and bowel issues, hydrocephalus, and Arnold Chiari malformation. Kids with spina bifida are all different- some can have the “SB works” and some can have very few issues. No two people with SB are alike!

Why I Will Never Regret Dressing My Son in Smocked Clothes

On his fourth birthday, we had his birthday party at The Prehistoric Park for the second year in a row. He let me dress him in a smocked dinosaur john john with a long sleeve blouse with a Peter Pan collar. He didn’t fight me; he even pretended to be excited about it. And that was it, the last time my baby, first born, wore anything smocked. I think that sweet little boy knew his momma needed just one more day with her baby.

Why Everyone Needs a “Yes Day”

 We laughed and played, and the only vegetable they ate was French fries. They declared it The Best Yes Day Ever (not hard, since we’ve only had two), and have already started dreaming about next year.

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