"I’m not here to brag or rub it in your face. I know. I know how hard it is to have supply issues as I have seen it firsthand, and my heart goes out to you. Nothing in the motherhood job is easy."
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It seems society forgets that moms have a brain that includes more than our children. Yes, they occupy quite a bit, but we thrive on being well rounded. I personally love challenging myself outside of parenthood and I think my children are better for it. If motherhood has taught me anything, it’s that I have to be open to learning and growing. And that includes learning about my children and myself.
As many working moms know, the guilt is always there, sometimes quiet, sometimes gnawing at your heart, but always hovering in the background.
A guide to the best planners for busy moms. Get 2017 started on an organized note with the perfect planner!

Hashtag Blessed

All eye-rolling over suspected photo staging and possible humblebrags aside, maybe it’s not up to us to make the call on what #blessed means to someone else or to overanalyze whether or not they’re #trulyblessed in our eyes.
It's hard to look down at the huge incision that was made to birth your baby, and know that it's a permanent battle scar. Take heart mama, you are not alone. Treat it like a trophy, and embrace it!

To My Son’s Birth Mother

"What do you say to someone you’ve never met but is giving you love and life?"

Revelations From The NICU

I realize that our NICU stay was short in comparison to what a lot of other families go through, but those 12 days we spent in the NICU were the longest, most emotionally draining days of my life. I got to the point where I literally couldn't cry any more--I didn't have any tears left to shed.

My Mommy Mantra

We all do it. We have those things that we tell ourselves during certain situations to help us to remain calm or at least not bite the head off of our children or significant others. Over the years, I have slowly shifted from, “You are driving me crazy, why can’t you do anything right” to “Breathe, you’ve got this”.

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